INNISFREE OPENS IN MANILA: Store Launch + Prices + What We Have and Don't Have Yet, Etc.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

I have a lot of fond memories with Korean beauty brand INNISFREE.

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask is the first sheet mask I've tried, as it is the usual pasalubong and request of family and friends coming from a Korea trip.

Innisfree Jeju House was also a stopover during my first time in Jeju-do, they have a huge farm there right next to another Korean fave Osulloc Green Tea.

Green Tea Farm, Autumn 2016

Same location, but this time in Winter 2018:

That's the green tea farm during winter!!!

I've also visited the Innisfree Green Cafe in Myeongdong several times since it opened, but the memorable one was solo trip last winter when I needed to hangout somewhere warm and homey, have coffee, take the loo, and leave my stuff before meeting up with a friend.

Aside from the store and the coffee shop, they have a toilet room with Innisfree products, and FREE LOCKER on this branch.

I love you Innisfree!!!

And more recently during my Mimi Shop guesting, Sandara easily recognized my powder when I took out my makeup essentials (it's the Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder). They were also shocked when I told them we don't have Innisfree yet in the Philippines!

I can go on and on, but let me get straight to the point of this post! Posting photos from Innisfree Philippines' first ever store in Manila, located in the Main Atrium of SM Mall of Asia! Went there for two straight days, one for the media launch, and yesterday for the official public opening. Alam nyo even if I am not invited to the event, I can imagine myself lining up for this brand!

Ribbon cutting during yesterday's public opening, VJ Sunny as the host:

The people who came in really early! First in lines, sobrang naaamaze ako what time you wake up to get there!!!

Let's go inside the store!

Oppas will welcome you, and they are very willing to take selfies too! Haha!

The Innisfree ladies are very knowledgeable about the products, and are very willing to assist you.

Met one lucky lady who got the Innisfree x Lee Min Ho photo book! The first 100 to avail Php 2000 and above got this for free.

More limited freebies for buyers: Im Yoon-Ah and Lee Min Ho mini standees. 

This was during the media launch. Was curious what the girls were checking out! It's the cushions and foundation section pala!


Now here's the part where you have to get your phones or pen and paper to list down the Innisfree products you will buy on your store visit! I added to price for your reference and so you know how much money you'll bring. Ready?? Scroll!


Perfumed Hand Cream (Php 290) and Capsule Recipe Pack (Php 135)

My Real Squeeze Mask (Daily Sheet Masks) - Php 80

Special Care Masks (Foot Php 170, Elbow and Heel (Php 190), Hand (Php 170)

Second Skin Mask (Php 290),

Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask (Php 550)

Super Volcanic Stick Mask 2x (Php 890), Super Volcanic Peel Off Mask (Php 690), Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2x (Php 890)

Jeju Lave Seawater Eye Serum (My barkada's pabili / favorite for a long time!) -  Php 1990

Green Tea Mist (150ml - Php 790, 120ml - Php 990, 50ml - Php 390), 5-Minute Green Tea Leaf Powder Face Mask (Php 1290)


Mineral Moisture Fitting Base (Php 790)

Smart Drawing (Color Correcting, Contouring, Blusher, and Strobing) - Php 550

Mineral Make Up Base (Php 790) 

Wide range of shades and finish for their My Foundation (liquid, Php 1290) and My To Go Cushion (Php 1690, Refill Php 1190)

Perfect UV Perfection Cream Long Lasting SPF 50+ (Php 950), Perfect UV Perfection Cream Anti Pollution SPF 50 (Php 1090), Perfect UV Perfection Cream Triple Care SPF 50 (Php 950)

No Sebum Moisture Powder (Php 550), No Sebum Primer (Php 690), No Sebum Setting Spray (Php 690)

No Sebum Mineral Powder (Php 390) and No Sebum Mineral Pact (Php 690)


Skinny Brow Mascara (Php 390)

Always New Auto Liner (Php 590)

Twinkle Glitter (Eye Shimmers, Php 550)


Vivid Oil Tint (Php 690)

My Lip Balm (Php 690)


Makeup Brushes (Php 290 to Php 790)

Mini Dual Eyeshadow Tip (Php 100), Tweezer (Php 135), Blackhead Goodbye Finger (Php 170), Natural Oil Control Paper (Php 190)

Master Hydro Sponge (Php 450), House Sponges (Php 220 / 6), Smart Blender (Php 690)

My To Go Cushion Puff (Php 135), Mini Powder Puff (Phpp 100), Pact Puffs (Php 190 / 2)

Jeju Volcanic Oil Control Paper (Php 240), Pencil Sharpener (Php 70), Dual Pencil Sharpener (Php 100), Self Eyebrow Shaping Kit (Php 890)

Extractor (Php 240), Blackhead Dual Cleaner (Php 390), Blackhead Out Brush (Php 690)

House Sponges (Php 220), Diamond Sponges (Php 135), Self Eyebrow Shaping Kit (Php 890), Mini Pocket Brush (Php 190), Mini Powder Puff (Php 100)


Christmas Packages

Nail Polish (Starts at Php 180)

My Makeup Cleanser Foam Cleansing Tissue (Php 390), My Makeup Cleanser Sun Cleansing Tissue (Php 390)

My Perfumed Body Cleanser (Php 790), My Perfumed Body Lotion (Php 950)

Perfumed Body Water (Php 1190)

EDT (Php 1590)

Green Barley Cleansing Tissue (Php 450 / 50sheets), Apple Seed Cleansing Tissue (Php 135 / 15sheets)

Don't know what to get yet? Check out these Innisfree recommended board!


The Green Tea Seed Serum (Php 1590)

Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2x (Php 890)

Orchid Enriched Cream (Php 1690)

Bija Cica Balm (Php 1490)

No Sebum Mineral Powder (Php 390)

My Foundation (Php 1290)

I will share what I got soon, maybe on my Instagram page (@anagon). Let me now if you also want a giveaway or something by commenting below!


1) You can also enjoy the VR experience in Innisfree Philippines! You have to watch the one featuring Lee Min Ho, napaka realistic! Haha!

2) Innisfree also has an Eco-Recycling Program, which I only discovered now but has been practiced by the brand for years now. Dispose your empty bottle in the store so you are guaranteed they are recycled properly.

3) The product line is pretty much complete! Well, almost all the stuff I was looking for they have din... and even more! They have wider shade range for foundations (darker) to suit the Filipino market.

4) Although we have most of the products they have in Korea, what we still don't carry are:

1) Innisfree x Dashing Diva nails
2) Innisfree Green Cafe

So if you're reading this Innisfree, then I am sure your loyal following will love to have these too! :)

5) For the price, I'd say Innisfree Philippines is fairly competitive with the prices in Seoul! Except for the sheet masks na forever 10+10 in Korea, most are almost same price or close enough.

6) Yes, THEY ACCEPT SODEXO in the store so YAS!!!

7) Expect more branches in the Philippines NEXT YEAR. So north peeps, get readeh!


That's it! Do you have other favorite Innisfree products I wasn't able to mention here? What's on your list that you think I'd also love???

A bit long overdue, but finally I can say... Welcome to my home, Innisfree!!!!!

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  1. waaah super detailed �� Thanks Ms Ana �� Am eyeing for mask and no sebum mineral powder and primer too ��
    thanks for posting previous travel photos , as usual ang gaganda thats why i love your ig photos��
    ig: iamlove_iloveyou

    1. Sana nakatulong!!! :) Thank you so much!! <3
      I want to try their no sebum primer too next time!!

    2. Waaah! I want the Lee Min Ho mini standee! :) Thanks for sharing the cost of each item :)


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