What's New? | July 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hello! Sharing new stuff that you may want to try!

One of the most misunderstood countries that I went to is India. The first thing that comes to mind are all the things that media has shown me prior experiencing this beautiful country myself: It is scary, it is dirty, crime rates are high, etc. 

Through this 10-day trip though, I realized that about 50% 80% off the things we just hear around and read on social media are not true! I like the advice given to me by my friend @beingmisseast on my first day in Delhi:

"Oo mainit ngayon, haha! But enjoy Indiaaaa. I wish I wasn't as praning when I went. I would have enjoyed 200% more. But there's always a next time. I'll be viewing your stories!"

Things To Do In Singapore + Win A Trip for Two to Singapore!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Recently, I find myself missing Singapore!

I went there to watch Coldplay concert last 2017, which also instantly became a barkada trip since my friends and I were already there. I stayed in SG for good 10 days, and although it wasn't my first time in this country, I was fun to visit new places especially with friends! I think that's the magic of traveling, if you are curious and open to anything, there will always be something new to see, taste, and do!

Huxley Korean Skincare | Review + Where To Get Them Here In The Philippines

Friday, July 19, 2019

Hang in there self-esteem, I recently had a bad case of breakout (on my cheek, forehead, nose, etc), and it's not even that time of the month yet!!

I'm thinking if it's because of being too stressed out for nothing, or it's because of the new products I've been trying on my face. And so I decided to take things lightly day-by-day, and to shake up my skincare routine. I've been buying random Korean and Thai products online and when I am in the mall (stress-shopping?) making it harder to pin-point the culprit! 

Since I have no idea what product caused my pimples, I thought of using (almost) one-brand skincare. My choice is Korean skincare brand HUXLEY.

How To Repeat Your Clothes

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sometimes, social media will make us want to wear new clothes to have different daily outfit posts. I think this is problematic because we tend to: 

1) Buy more clothes (usually at fast fashion stores) which is not good for the environment. 

2) We also lose our creativity when we just wear our new clothes every time we go out.

Repeating your outfits is okay, but I think the best trick is to repeat your old pieces of clothing and make them look as if they're new! How? By styling them DIFFERENTLY! Here are some simple fashion formulas I've been using:

Other Things To Do In Chiang Mai | Almost Everything That We Did, We Booked Via Klook!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

We had 4 full days in Chiang Mai, and to make my travel organizer life easier, I just booked one activity per day via travel app Klook! This is not sponsored! 😃 I just want to show that if you're in charge of the trip, and you don't want to think too much na or you don't have time to make intensive itinerary, Klook has a lot of offerings na sobrang okay and sulit. I'd like to think that hindi ako napahiya sa friends ko, haha!

Klook tours usually already include your transportation the whole day, free buffet lunch, and a tour guide. I like it pag na ti-tita mode nako sa isang trip and don't want to navigate or think of where to eat lunch na may pwede sa lahat. I can't believe I'll be in this stage of my travelling life, haha! DIYs are cool and maybe even cheaper, but going on tours doesn't necessarily take away the fun in travels.

I was thinking of how I should blog the activities that we did in Chiang Mai differently, and not just present them point by point like I always did before. Yesterday during mass, I had an aha moment when I realized that some of the stuff that were included in our tour turned out to be controversial (most of which I found out when I got home na, huhuhu). 

Instead of steering clear from this topic, here's a post dedicated to just that: How do we travel ethically? How do we know if an activity or tour supports abusive behaviours for money? 

Summer In Chiang Mai Part 1 | How To Go, Where To Stay, Budget and Itinerary, Etc.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

More than a month has passed since my summer in Chiang Mai with two of my closest friends. We decided to go to this city because none of us has been on this side of Thailand, and it is something different from the usual places we've been to recently (plus, Ava needed the MomCation, and Paul wants to hug elephants irl!).

First of all, I am so happy to travel again! I enjoyed planning this trip for my friends coz they're all very game with whatever I present to them. Budget hostel? G! Klook activities instead of pure DIY? G! It made creating our itinerary easier and more fun coz everybody's so open to any ideas! Walang stress or diva, hehehe.

So here's the first part of our wonderful wonderful Chiang Mai trip! ❤ Was supposed to just post one blog entry for this, but there's just so much photos to share! Haha!

Lounge Life: My Experience in Changi Airport's Lounge

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

I think it was 2 years ago when I slept in Singapore's airport. It was a layover for a red eye flight to Myanmar. We had few hours in Changi International Airport, so we took our sweet time. I remembered having late dinner at the 24-hour food court, riding the empty connecting Skytrain of Changi Airport, and then finally spotting empty chairs of a closed cafe which we assigned as our "beds" for the night.

It wasn't a comfortable sleep, but we survived. More importantly, it was a story that won me a blog award last year! Haha!

This year, I earned two free flights from my work with the airline SCOOT. I picked Chiang Mai because it's a place that my younger sister Cea had been raving since her own trip with her friends. I invited Ava and Paul to join me, and glad that they were super game to travel! Paul really wanted to hug elephants, while Ava naman said she needed the MomCation (Mom Vacation) which was perfect at that time since the kids were on summer school break.

On Jewelries and Fashion Accessories

Getting hooked on simple jewelries

After years of just wearing a standard black watch with my outfits, I am currently getting into jewelries again. I like necklaces and bracelets, and sometimes I also wear a simple but pretty dangling earrings to compliment my look. 

I only want a few pieces of jewellery that are meaningful to me, and so I am also looking into getting cheap custom jewelry with either my name or initials on it. Like the standard black watch, I am sure a personalized piece will be something that I'll wear everyday and keep for a long long time!

Cha Eun Woo Pilgrimage: Sulbing, Fantagio, Your ID Is Gangnam Beauty Location

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

My list of Kdrama locations got shorter during my recent Korea travels. Maybe it's because I am done with most of the dramas on my list, and kokonti nalang din recent dramas I've watched compared to the last years. I don't want to go to locations just because setting sya sa isang Kdrama if it has no significance to me--like hindi naman nakakaiyak yung scene na shinoot don, or di ko naman naalala kung anong nanyari sa lugar na yun. This time, I also try to focus more on other things when I go to Korea. 

I go there for the different seasons, to discover and learn about a new city, to shop, to try cute cafes or new museums, etc. But of course, my itinerary wouldn't be fully complete without a little Korean pop culture on the side--whether it is Kdrama or Kpop related. For my recent one last Spring of 2019, I decided to go on a little Cha Eun Woo Pilgrimage.

Money Talk: 2TradeAsia Allows You To Invest In Stocks ONLINE!

Monday, July 01, 2019

I am sharing what keeps me busy during my down time because this (and YOU!) are important to me!

I’m sure you’ve heard this so many times but putting your money on the bank is okay, but growth will be slow. My ultimate financial goal is to make money even while sleeping.. and this is possible through stocks!