Mayon Volcano ATV Adventure | Legazpi City, Albay

Friday, May 06, 2022

What a fitting finale for this trip! On our last day in Bicol, few hours before boarding our chartered bus to Manila, our group visited the beautiful Mayon one last time.

During day 1 of our trip, the group still a bit quiet getting to know each other, our first stop from the airport was the Sumlang Lake to enjoy the Mayon Volcano's view on a bamboo raft. It was the more chill version of viewing the Mayon, where we quietly paddled around the lake and took turns taking each other's photos and introducing ourselves to the pack. 

Six days and many adventures later, we were ready for the thrill version of seeing the Mount Mayon--via an extreme ATV ride!

Mayon Volcano ATV Adventure

The closest we can get to the Mayon Volcano was via an ATV. This adventure activity gave us insta adrenaline rush, as we rode our all-terrain four wheelers through bumpy trails consisting of gullies, rivers, and grasslands. 

While driving, we passed by streams, cows, forests, and saw different angles of the Mayon. The sights are all so beautiful, but since getting my phone to capture them was a bit of a challenge while driving, the more that I made sure to just remember everything.

The trail ends at the lava wall, and I thought our quest ends there too. We took a quick water break, and barely recovering from the drive, our guide suddenly asked us to speed up as we still have to hike! 

We had to go up and trek on loose and sharp lava rocks to get a closer view of the Mayon. I acquired minor scratches trying to hold on to these rocks, fyi. We went back to the base camp still via ATV, but there's an optional zip line from the top of the lava wall for Php 300 per person.

During the drive back, we passed a different route via roadside, next to regular vehicles. The vibe of driving an ATV at night also hits different...a different kind of fun! Napapa "thank You Lord" nalang ako sa tuwa.


Around 3 hours, back-and-forth, including the hike


For the rates, you can inquire through:

🌼 Donsol Eco Tour's Facebook Page, or visit their Mayon Volcano ATV Adventure website listing.

Their packages are inclusive of transfers (Legazpi City area), use of ATV, a guide so you don't have to worry about the challenging trails, and environmental fees.

🌼 Or inquire directly with Your Brother Travel and Tours at, or visit their Facebook page. Highly recommend this Mayon ATV facility for their fun and professional guides!

The activity is open for ages 8 and up only, requiring kids age 8 to 11 to back ride with an adult using the 350cc ATV unit. There are also different routes you may want to look into, depending on your time and preferred difficulty level.

Thoughts and Tips:

Make sure to put on sunblock prior the activity. Warm up, and do a little stretching, which I wasn't able to do na so lesson learned hehe. Mag CR na din, coz the drive was quite long.

Briefing was short, but guides will always be around the area while we were driving. Make sure to learn the basics of how your ATV works. Aside from the gas and brakes, I also asked how to switch on the ATV in case it stops midway (useful info).

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Sporty ang peg. You'll get wet while driving past water trails, so make sure your clothes wouldn't feel heavy when soaked. 

I was wearing dark Dri-FIT shirt and shorts, which were perfect lightweight pieces. Wag na mag cap coz you'll wear helmet anyway. For my footwear, I was only wearing Birks sandals which were ok while driving, but not-so comfortable during the hike. Best I guess to wear hiking shoes or aqua shoes with tractions. 

For my bag, I have a small PVC messenger bag with me the whole time, which I think worked well for the activities.

My phone was kept safe from getting wet since bag is waterproof. It was also easy to take out my phone in the middle of driving when I wanted to snap a photo or video, compared to if I brought a backpack with me. 

A small messenger or cross-body bag is also easier to secure in front of you while driving (compared to totes, backpacks, etc.) Leave the unnecessary stuff, I did not find the need to use anything else inside my bag except for my phone.

During downward slopes, do not hit on the gas na, and naka bantay lang lagi sa brakes para hindi sumubsob. When passing by the rocky waters or upward trails, press harder on the gas. Do not overtake, wag masyado excited, haha. Pag magkamali, it's okay, the guides will help you get back on track. 

Enjoy! As someone who still does not know how to drive, it was easy to get the hang of driving the ATV. Kayang kaya niyo rin to! But you can also ask someone to drive for you, may option naman na 2-seater ATV.

Keep safe, WEAR YOUR HELMET properly, listen to your guides, and just keep in mind the do's and don'ts!

I was so tired after, that I just slept in the bus the whole time! I am not sure if sadyang finale activity ito, but everything fell into place. I was able to say goodbye to the Mayon, and slept like a baby during our 16-hour bus ride back to Manila.

Special thanks to Kat and Jacque for some of the photos used in this post.

Thank you also to TPB Philippines for having me in this trip!

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