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Monday, June 20, 2022

With the borders slowly opening, I started to check for the visa requirements in order to fly to some of my favorite countries like US, Korea, and Japan. Unfortunately, all my visas were already expired. Some of these visas will need your original birth certificate, and even passport renewal requires one too! So I looked up on how I can order a birth certificate online. 

PSA Help Line

PSA, or the Philippines Statistics Authority, has a website where you can conveniently order birth, marriage, death certificate, or CENOMAR online with just a few clicks. 

Delivery is door-to-door, and available anywhere in the Philippines. Delivery outside the country is still not available, though. The website also has different payment methods available, and a customer support if you will need assistance. is authorized by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to handle online requests and nationwide delivery of PSA certificates. Launched in 2000, the service has catered to millions of Filipinos over the years. 

My ordering process experience is also very easy. Here's how:

How To Order PSA Certificates Online

1. Go to

You must be of legal age to make a PSA online application request. 

- You can order PSA birth, marriage, death certificate, or CENOMAR for yourself, your parents, or your child

2. Fill in necessary requirements. 

I ordered a birth certificate for myself, and my mom's marriage certificate. 

Here are the requirements when I ordered for my own Birth Certificate:

And here are the requirements when I ordered for my mom's marriage certificate:

Requesting for a PSA Certificate online is easy and safe. It was also super fast, it didn't take 30 minutes to fill out the online forms. Also, make sure to double check information before submitting!

In case you will need assistance, the service is supported by a hotline [(02) 8737-1111] that is available from Mondays to Saturdays, 8am to 5pm, except during holidays. You can also send your queries via email (

3. Pay for your order online or over the counter.


PSA Helpline Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates cost Php 365 each, which is already inclusive of service fee and nationwide courier fees. For CENOMAR, the cost is Php 420, also inclusive of delivery and other fees.


You can conveniently pay for your orders with PSA's different payment schemes on their website. They accept payments through credit card or mobile wallet apps, over the counter accredited payment centers, or through partner banks. Here are some of these payment options:

4. Delivery 

Delivery time from my experience was super fast, around 3 days from the time I ordered. I like that I received several text message updates regarding the status of my order and estimated delivery date. I have to be present when courier arrives in our house since they only allow requester to receive these PSA documents for safety and security purposes. 

Usually for Metro Manila, documents will be delivered within 3-4 working days, while for provincial it will be within 3-8 working days. 

What to prepare for smooth delivery:

- Prepare one signed valid original government-issued ID to present to the courier. I presented my valid passport, but click here for the other IDs that you can use.

- Again, you have to be the one to receive these documents. abides by the policies and guidelines of the Data Privacy Act (RA 10173), and can only release ordered document to the owner or the authorized requester only.

- In case you are not available on the day of delivery, you can call (02) 8737-1111 Monday to Saturday excluding holidays, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to make delivery arrangements.

My Experience

I always find adulting tedious, especially when applying or requesting for government documents. But with PSA HelpLine, it was very fast, efficient, and convenient, with everything done online. Delivery was also a breeze. I received the documents individually wrapped in plastic packaging to avoid getting wet or stained in transit. I was also able to easily order a marriage certificate for my senior citizen mom, para less hassle na for her. Highly recommended service!

Let's talk about visa application next? ;)

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