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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have to credit myself today by setting my alarm at 9am, waking up (with the song "Sugar Town") and really getting out of bed in 5 minutes of "after-shock" (because in my "job" I am not so much of an early riser!)...and actually had a breakfast.  =p At least now I get to drink coffee 2x a day, one in my usual after lunch, and one in the morning (coz my usual is at night! ;p)

Watched the How I Met Your Mother Season 5 (pirata) DVD I got yesterday, and was actually in a gooood mood today --- definitely perked up than yesterday! Really now, a Barney a day keeps the topak away. ;D Hahaha! ("Awesome!"-Barney)

Finished the 6 episodes the cd contains, had lunch, coffee, then actually hold a photoshoot of my new products: Anagon's PROM QUEEN Collection! =) Will have this out within the week (I hope!)...It's back to bizniz for me everybody! :) Hahaha!

At around quarter to 4, I went to Festi Mall Alabang (a tricycle and jeep ride away from our house, 15-30 minutes travel time)...and decided to wear my funky brown shoes (not commuter-friendly, but since it will be a short trip, I thought the shoes will do just fine!). Met up again with Me-an since she has a client that day near Parque Espana near Festival Mall. She actually rode a TAXI to Alabang! Whatda! :D

We walked from Festi to Parque, then Parque to Festi, ate Mexican food (my big fave <3) at Southern Flavors, canvassed on make ups (oh I should save up on this big time! ;p make ups are tad expensive ;p), had coffee at Seattle's Best till Me-an's company/ride home arrived. I ordered Naughty Toddy drink (iced coffee!), which made me super hyyyyperrrr, that I told Meh "Talo pa ang alcohol!" hahaha! :D


Was tagged by sis Krissy on her recent blog post:

Photo Tag's Rules:

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 years old).

2. Write something about the picture.

3. Tag your friends and readers.
(tagging any one interested :))

Since all my old photos are in somewhere nakakatamad pang halungkatin, I want to share these pics I got from my dearest ol' online home called Multiply. These aren't less-than-13-years-old-me photos, but since I want to share them anyway to my friends when they asked me about my "addiction to dieting" they are! The results of my anorexia-prone old-self circa 2006/2007, something I'd not want to go back to although there will be days I still think about it. Not something I am proud of, but I have to accept as part of what I've gone through.

The results of diet pills. =p
Tempting, but I will never go back. Not a pretty sight. xp

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