Traditional Breakfast in Hong Kong | What should I eat in Hong Kong in the morning?

Friday, August 25, 2023

I can't miss breakfast. I can't imagine that I did IF (Intermittent Fasting) during the pandemic, but I wasn't even going out then. Now I need my breakfast more than ever, after I stopped drinking coffee (for health reasons)--it has been my energy booster in the morning before a long day!

On our first day in Hong Kong, I woke up early so Cea and I can enjoy a full day in Lantau Island. Before heading to the cable car that connects the city to this mountainous island, we went to what the internet dubbed as "the best traditional breakfast in Hong Kong".

Morning scenes in Hong Kong, on our way to the nearest subway station in Mongkok:

Mission 1: Breakfast in Australia Dairy Co.

Nearest Subway Station: Jordan MTR Exit C

Australia Dairy Company is Hong Kong's most popular "cha chaan teng" cafes. 

Their famous classic Hong Kong-style breakfast set consists light and creamy scrambled eggs served with toasted bread and macaroni soup. I was looking forward to this but when we arrived in the area, the resto has an unbelievable but expected long waiting line outside. We forgot that it's so popular, you have to order fast and eat fast as there's always a queue of people waiting!

Already hungry, Cea and I just walked and passed by a restaurant almost across Australia Dairy Co. that serves the same menu. We gave them a try.

Just across the popular breakfast place in Hong Kong is the Ngan Lung Restaurant:

Plan B: Ngan Lung Restaurant

The competitor resto was also having a very busy morning. But with just the right amount of locals going in and out, we were seated right away in a nice corner at the far end of the resto. Ngan Lung Restaurant turned out to be an old player too, having been in the business for over 50 years! They serve the popular authentic cha chaan teng fare, some homemade fish ball noodles and fried rice, milk tea, pineapple buns, to name a few.

Cea checking out the thick menu | My honey lemon tea in a nice printed cup!

Cea had the Kowloon Dairy milk in a cute bottle. I am lactose intolerant, but I tried one too before we went home, and it's yummy and worth it! 😋😆

Lovin' the retro vibe:

Our spread! Of course I tried the traditional Hong Kong breakfast set: Macaroni soup and ham, fried egg, and croissant (instead of toast). 

Lots of drinks options + I even love the old school feel of their packet of sugar hehe:

I also LOVE the resto's retro interiors! White tiled walls, small cushioned cubicles in green, menu posters hanging on the walls... I'm glad we discovered this even with our failed attempt with Australia Dairy Co! 

But promise will wake up early next time just to experience the hype.

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