Paik's Coffee Is Now In Manila!

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Got excited when I saw Korean coffee chain Paik's Coffee opening their first store in Manila.

I haven't tried any Chef Paik restaurant or cafe whenever I go to Korea, but now I don't have to travel to try it! 

There was a long line when I went last Friday

Coffee size is HUGE!

Baek Jong Won

Chef Paik or Baek Jong Won 백종원 (bek) is a celebrity chef in South Korea, a household name to Koreans of all ages when it comes to food and cooking. He has TV shows, a Youtube channel, and books all related to Korean cooking. 

Chef Baek Jong Won

Chef Baek with BTS in one of the episodes of Run BTS

He is also the CEO of Theborn Korea Inc, and owns a lot of restaurant franchise with so many branches in and outside Korea, including Saemaul Sikdang, Paik's Coffee, Paik's Bibim, etc. I knew him from Korean reality shows as the go-to chef guest, or the sunbaenim our Kpop idols will suddenly call to ask for cooking advice.

Paik's Coffee in Manila

Location: Top of the Glo, Roof deck of Glorietta 3, Makati

To spot this cafe, make sure to turn left instead of right..opposite side of the Japanese restaurants

Dine-in Options:

Super spacious cafe, ang dami nag wowork here with their laptops. When I dined here yesterday, Friday, at around past 2pm, the line was a bit long. Although spacious, I waited a bit to get a table. They have individual tables, and group couches. Also saw two cubicles you can use for small meetings. I think there's no need to make reservations to use these, but are on first come first served basis.

I haven't seen a Paik's Coffee branch this spacious!

What's On the Menu?

They currently offer a wide variety of drinks-only menu, from different coffee, smoothies, and ice cream. I got the Iced Americano (Php 150) to really taste the coffee that they used, but it’s honestly bland or watered down. No palpitations for a coffee drinker like me, but it is also not acidic so it’s okay. Size is huge though (no size options) so in a way I got value for money. 

Swipe or Click to view Paik's Coffee Manila's Menu:

I also got the Plain Ice Cream (Php 100) which is simple vanilla, but definitely my taste.  

Would like to try their flavored coffee next time, might be better option to treat their drinks as dessert. There’s a glass shelf meant for pastries in the middle of the entrance in front of their ordering area. Will look forward to this food option on my next visit!

They are currently on CASH basis only, no GCash or card since they’re on soft opening.

So many drinks to choose from, plus a pastries section is coming soon

What I got: Iced Americano and Plain Ice Cream

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