Monday, March 01, 2010

Ate is back from a short trip in Hong Kong-Macau with her high school friends...and got me these:

A ViVi March issue loaded with fashion ideas, and a pair of blue earrings! :D

It was a short trip, so I wasn't expecting anything grand. But I love this mag to bits (Hi Sis Candy/Charlene! Hi Sis Ella!:)) that's why it made me happy when I got it! Ate and I gushed non-stop on her wax museum trip, streets of hong kong walking, shopping, and then finally stepping in Mickey Mouse's territory...Oh we love that famous mouse!!! :D I texted Ana and told her who should go back, ride the Space Mountain again (more than once! :)), watch a show (because we had no time then) and experience Disney Land fireworks for all it is worth. :) She said we have to stay at Disney's hotel when we go back! Yeahoooot! ;)

I love the blue earrings ate gave me with the magazine, coz it reminded me of my 2nd March collection for my online shop: Days of Summer. Blues, laces, details, whimsical accessories and ladylike pieces to celebrate the less than 500 days of hot, fun freedom here in Manila! 

Speaking of BLUE, Josh, my friend Geo's young sibling, played basketball yesterday at the Ateneo Moro. The court was filled with little boys in either blue or white jerseys. Super cute! I like it that some of them are really really good in playing already--they're throwing balls in the air like pros. Potentials in future UAAP! :D Predicting guy number 23 will break hearts in the future. ;-) A superstar in the making! :D

Lastly, this isnt related to the title, but I'm happy that I'm part again of Candy's March ish! :)

It's also their 11th birthday issue, so do get a copy. ;-)



  1. can i still join you sa hk? :D

  2. I am also totally into blue things at the moment. And the magazine looks so much fun, what a great cover

  3. Meh: haha! :D syempre naman!!! :D (tameme???)

    Nathalie: I love Vivi magazines! :) They're more visual than wordy, which is sometimes more fun! ;-)

  4. sweetie, congratulations on the accessories styling for candy! thats really good press:) i DIY accessories sometimes but sigh, hope ill get some press like that soon, hehe.:)

    glad to discover another really cool Pinay blogger:)

    hope you check out my site:)


  5. Hi Eden! :) Wow thanks! :) Will follow you on your blogger, I think your outfits are cool :) See you around online, and yes, youll get that press too someday!!! :D ;-) All the best!

  6. i love the earrings too! :) at yung euro-necklace ng ate mo! ehem ang galing ;p grab ang adventure sa wax museum. hahahahaha. i wanna join you and kax sa sing! :)

  7. Wah ang saya super! :D I<3HK! Sama ka Rose! Kaming 2 lang ni Ate yun!!!! :D


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