From the Daily Kabbalah (march 9)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday, March 9 

Practicing what we preach is a hard thing indeed. But when we manage to match our words with our thoughts with our actions, we feel fulfilled indeed.

Today, live your beliefs as best you can. Walk your talk. This means making sure what you think, say and do are all talking to one another.


Very timely again. I've repeated countless of times in this blog and to myself that I have to learn to Give More, Expect Less (yup, the "message for someone special" in THIS entry is for me, hahaha). And I guess that would be the best way of living. Because you are fulfilled in sharing, being generous, of spreading love, but you'll never get disappointed because you aren't asking for anything in return. 

If I have a "fatal flaw" (Oh Percy Jackson overload!) ... most probably it's that I am a big pleaser, that I expect people to be like this also. But you just can't expect time and effort and even money (hehehe) from everyone. 

So, yes people, Give More Expect Less. It is the only way.
Now all I have to do is "Walk my talk".

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