I'm a "Barbie girl"

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

One of my favorite questions to throw to my friends on lazy afternoons is "Are you a Barbie-person or a Polly Pocket-person?" (Along with Qs like "Are you a Sweet Valley kid?" or "Are you a dog-person or a cat-person?"). Between the Size 0 doll and the tiny figures living on cute floral-shaped restaurant (or house, or carnival, etc)...I am definitely a Barbie Girl (in a Barbie World? Hah!)

That's what I am soooo happy to finally get hold of my "grown-up Barbie"....My very own Mannequin! :D

Wearing my Peace Out! necklace, haha!

=D Cea and I dressed her up awhile ago, clothed her with the smallest garment I saw in our house that doesn't even fit "Thinny Cea"...and it fit Jack perfectly! :D (Yup, called the thing Jack--from "Jack's Mannequin--the band. Hahaha.)

Told dad on our way home that I was so addicted in dressing up my Barbie when I was a kid (my favorite was my Cut and Style Barbie :))...our yaya made clothes for us by crocheting different dresses, skirts and tops. Who knew then that someday fashion will be my bread-and-butter? :-)

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