Mad Hatter

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yesterday, I bought a hat for myself. I wasn't into hats before, but I thought of buying a new hair accessory for the May IndoChina trip, and something to replace my usual bandana tied around my head look. ;-) 


But after buying one white straw fedora, I craved and raved for more hats! =D I already have a reversible beanie I bought in HK H&M:

Some old bonnet I am afraid to use (haha). 
A newsboy cap mom contributed when I started wanting to have more hats. 
And these baby hats I sell in my site:

..Or more like "Clips" hehe!

But I want more! :D
The list:

A flat-top hat with cute red ribbon like this--a beauty I saw in blogger Candy's blog entry on a Japan shopping district! =D Super lovely!

A cute floppy hat.


Round velvet hats! =)
Photo from
No copyright infringement intended.

Straw hat with flower-ribbon details. Or any basic hat with quirky detail! ;D


A turban. Although this one, I am not too sure if I can pull off. Heeh! ;p
Prada jewel-tone silk turban photo from

Living in a country with only "Hot and Very Hot" for its seasons...
This addiction can actually be a heat-stroke life saver! ;D


  1. that is cute.. i love those caps at all. whao, awesome!!!

  2. The fedora looks absolutely gorgeous. And the turban trend is soooo adorable. I cannot wait to sport it, too

  3. Thanks Tim and Nathalie! :) Oh Nathalie, I saw your new post! I love how you wore the turban, you made it so wearable! ;) Really nicee!!! :)


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