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Friday, April 16, 2010

After months of knowing my passport expires come March of this year, I continued just letting the days pass since my next out of the country travel will not be till last week of May. When my ate warned me to book for renewal now because her friend said the online Department of Foreign Affairs thing is already full booked, I wasn't too rattled...Till i tried the site today!

What would have been a swift online transaction became a big hassle...The slots are booked till....JUNE! I now Googled other passport renewal thing, and saw that the local courier LBC accepts this service too. And googling the LBC's service, I discovered a blog on this--saying that the service is convenient plus the same rate as DFA's! Hopefully they don't have fully-booked-shiznits too!
(LBC's Telephone based passport express)

On another note, I love blogs! Factual sites are cool too, but Bloggers make the info more real, experience-based. I often get tips on good beauty buys or things to do in a place I'll be going to through blog entries that randomly pop in Google search. =) Next to Blogs are the forums! =)

Anyway, went out with my girls awhile ago, for coffee, then long talks, then dinner and more long talks. I missed them! These are my friends in high school, but I have to say the longest running friends are the best! (especially now I appreciate them more since I have no "officemates" in my online shop.)

Then we all took different courses in college. I love the variety of fields my friends took: we have soon-to-be lawyers and doctors, an occupational therapist/teacher to special children, bankers, entrepreneurs, one who works for a networking company, one involved in a presidential campaign/politics, one working in an insurance company, one working in the marketing department of a popular bookstore, two working in US, one a manager of a salon, and even a call center agent! =D We all have something interesting and new to talk about!

Only 5 came out of 16 in our big all-girls group! =D

The best compliment I get with my friends is how they love THIS company. Whenever they feel tired or burnt out, or when they fail in their certain's nice to go back to each other, with people who knew us well even before this. It's refreshing and, personally, I feel recharged and ready to go all-out with my work again. Whether to succeed or to fail, these girls will let me feel like I'm a big achiever. 

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