Meeting Models

Thursday, June 03, 2010

It was drizzling yesterday when I woke up, and I love the feeling of waking up snuggled in my blanket again because it was cold. Oh THAT word, I actually missed it! ;p

Went out wearing my long-forgotten black dress and favorite granny gray sweater--an ensemble I wouldn't wear the past hell-hot weeks in Manila! I lugged two huge bags filled with clothes and accessories for an impromptu photo shoot with two former Candy Magazine models: Abbie Almasco and Chesca Sumilang. Both real life friends! :) 

The idea came up when Ches commented on a cat mask I designed for my online shop, mentioning that her friend Abbie owns something similar. I remembered that Abbie (now Jeddah-based) is here in Manila for a short time, I thought that I wouldn't let a shoot with the Abbie-Ches-duo pass. I messaged them in Facebook, and both readily agreed! I love them for being so willing! :)

I met Abbie and her friend Jaybs in Ayala, where we took a cab going to Mega Mall. Originally, we were to shoot in the fields of UST, that's why I brought with me bubbles, diana camera, floral clothes, and other props  and whatnots for a cute pictorial. But because of the rains and the busy schedules of everyone (Chesca has a flight to Guam that same day! :D)...we opted for the most convenient mall: and take photos in the red couch of Red Mango Mega Mall. ;)

While waiting for Ches, I had a good conversation with Abbie and Jaybs over our own froyo (Jaybs ordered the Red Mango drink, nacurious ako!).

Fruity for me

Chocolatey for Abbie

From our kwentuhan (chit-chat) I also learned about the concept of the gnome-traveling thing from the movie Amelie, when Abbie showed Jaybs pasalubong to her: a Neru-chan doll.

photo from Abbie's fb

I told them I love the concept (and I really should watch the film na, yo! haha!)...and I want my own traveling buddy too! "Sa akin, unan!" Haha! (pillow)

Abbie is really down-to-earth and easy to talk with in person. I only see her in her vlogs, her gorj photos in her blogs and Facebook (and magazine pages, of course! ;))...I didn't know what to expect. It was actually my first time to meet her and she has proven beauty inside-out! :) We both have a thing with thrift finds and intrawebs, plus I remembered her saying "Coboy tayo dito, coboy! Anung poise poise?" :D I love her! :)

When Ches came, we had our shoot right away so as not to delay anyone's schedules. I took the photos using Abbie's SLR, and just snapped away like a real beginner. Haha! I wasn't even showing them their photos because I was embarrassed with my photog skills, and just went on trigger happy. =) They're both pretty, I guess this made the photos good even though I am no pro. =)

Polaroid versions care off Cea's editing skills:

After the shoot, we had time for more chit chats, while Ches ordered her own plain froyo (that I want to try soon! No toppings whatsoever! :p)

It was my second time to shoot with Chesca, but the last one was a year ago already! Ches is still the same, she has this very open aura that you wouldn't feel shy around her even if she's a model-slash-medicine student. She's no show-off, and she's super makuwento!  (tells a lot of stories). I really like that in a person coz I am not into dead air, and when I am tired I can't help but be the cause of the dead air. =p But with Chesca around, stories kept on coming like funny moments of her siblings, the "jejemon-sticky caps" confessions, and the benta jokes! She even did a knock knock joke in between our kwentuhan. It was classic! Haha!

In my message with these girls pre-photoshoot, I told them this is gonna be epic. 
My hat lost, my pockets drained, and with the emo-weather as background...I still said in my former blog that it was a "nice drizzly day". Oh yes, you bet it did turned out epic. ;) ♥♥♥

Till next time, Abbie and Ches! :)


  1. i love ate abbie :) she's grrrreat! nice models picks, ms. ana and beautiful shots!

  2. Thanks Ava!! :) I love these two girls too :) Theyre models, but theyre really the nicest!!! :)

  3. I absolutely adore the pictures. They look really great. And it sounds like you had so much fun

  4. You never fail to smile, and have fun!
    Oh, that reminds me. I have a forgotten black dress. haha...You look gorgeous!
    I love what you guys always eat. So good!
    I love your blog.


  5. Nathalie! :) Thank you! :) It's so nice of you to say yehey! :D

    Tywo: Thank you so much! :) I felt small having my pic taken with the two models, but theyre really nice! :) Oh food is just love! :) Thank you so much for appreciating, i love you blog as well <3! :)

  6. I don't like that your new posts don't appear in my feeds :( Di tuloy ako maka-comment every time may bago. In-add ko na lang sa bookmarks ko yun blog mo :)

    Ang sarap na matulog ngayon sis no? :D

    Looks like a fun day, you are all so pretty! :)

  7. Super sarap! :D Parang please wala sana akong lakad todaaay! hahaha! :)
    thanks sis! :) I actually felt maitim and mataba that day, but theyre nice and the told me I am tan daw hahaha :D so tinanggap ko nalang ;p


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