Black + Hot Pink

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Oh hi there! ;p

First of all: I just want to show off this pic was taken by dear friend Tamems during our Cu Chi Tunnel tour. We had an optional activity of entering the underground really-low passageways made and utilized during the wars. Check out how they walked briskly in this awkward squatted position.

Anyway, today my family (minus ate, who had work till late night) went to my uncle's place in Mandaluyong for dinner. He is based in the US with his family, and just here for a visit. I love the food served awhile ago, and Cea said just loved the chicken dish (oh we are such big foodies!)! :P I also love the wines Tito John liberally served for everyone...he poured 3 glasses of different red wines for me! =p 

Outfit post! :-)

I really missed wearing black that I wore the color 2 consecutive going-out days already! =D I love the paisley bottom detail of the black top, and accessorizing with hot pink made it a happier ensemble. The feather necklace is a DIY, which I also sell with some other feather necklace designs in my online shop. I just love my new oversized pink clutch too! A bargain department store find for only P320 ($7)! :D Wore denim shorts to make the look more casual for a house dinner. :) 

That's tito John, mom, hiding Jed, tita Emma
Cea, Dad, and Tito Boy

Cea, moi, and cousin Jed :)

Will finally get to watch Sex and the City 2 tomorrow with Ana. :) Can't wait to drool over Carrie and Friends' labels and love! ;) Haha!

Oh! And I just have to say business is picking up again. :) Not really fully recovered, but at least something good is happening. Getting there, if I should say. =) Thanks for all the love and prayers! :-) Aja!


  1. i really like your pink bag. =D


  2. thanks nancy! :) it's a new find, and i love it so much tooo :)

  3. Your hot pink bag is adorbs! :D

  4. wee thanks sis! :) ang tagal ko siya tinitignan till mag isa nalang sya! :D hehe!


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