Day 6: 30 days of photographic memories

Saturday, July 24, 2010

day 6. a photo that makes you laugh:

Am I just shallow when I laughed non-stop the first time I saw this photo from Tamems Facebook??? :D Hahaha! This was taken (still) in my latest holiday with friends...which was like a decade ago already (haha). Happened last week of May. This was in Hotel Cara, I think in Vietnam (mixed up all events of that trip already, heeh)...our "first night" there, although our 3rd hotel (??) for the whole IndoChina trip already!  So imagine how many days we were out-of-home, ate and shop like there's no tomorrow, and that night I was already budget-conscious, so I plopped on our bed, mindless of the world, and counted my bills making Mr. Baaaahhh-humbug proud of me! ;p Hahaha!

This was also our "movie night", watched two films via our hotel room's flat screen tv (naks)...Mad Money (so in-tune with the theme of my pic, noh? Harhar), and Forgetting Sarah Marchall (I love you Marchall of How I Met Your Mother! ;) Hah! :D).

Oh, good times! :)


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