Thursday, July 29, 2010

Or "Saling Kit" - terms in our language that refer to sticking your butt on things that you aren't really included or part of..Hahaha!

Anyway, on our UST photo shoot last Saturday, I threatened and forced our photographer/stylist team Mimi and Andrew (hahahaa) to also take profile photos of yourztrulee after they're done with my two models. Kidding aside, I really want to take advantage of this opportunity of having to hold photo shoots for my online shop, by not letting go of these talented teams without having my own photo op!

So along with the post-processed pictures of my models (which I'll post in my site, and also blog about soon! :))...Here are some pics Mimi sent to me just yesterday. =) Something different from my dressy play shoot with CJ weeks ago...I love both sets! :)

Andrew did my make up--giving me make up tips while we're on it! :D Iloveit! :-) 

In front of the main building with my silly smile

Flying hair effect, hah!

Giant UST, I finally have photos with ya! ;D (di ka nga lang buo, haha)

Granite background haha

What I wore that day: Trying out the trend which I fondly call the socks-look ;p

I don't know what pose to create--and did a majoy blooper hahaha! :D 

Lastly, but not the last of my gazillion pictures that I wouldn't upload anymore just to save my face Peace Love photo! ;-)

Smile! :) Have a goood mid-week! :-)


  1. Ana! I love these shots. And I miss USTE! Sama ako sau one time let's picture picture there. Hehe. It's so different na noh dati peaceful lng. haha. Excited to meet you on Saturday!!!:)

  2. I love your vest and your fringe necklace! :) Btw, check your Multiply inbox. I've sent you a personal message. :)

  3. Yey! Thank you Pax!!! Oo game ako jaaaan! Visit tayo photo sesh lang sa uste, collab naman tayo heehee! :) see you saaat! :D

    Tin! :D Thank you so much!!! Checking palang my multiply, syempre inuna ko Blogger hehehe! :D thanks sooo much talagaaa!!


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