day 22. a photo of your town

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sorry for skipping days and defeating the real purpose of this blogging challenge, haha! :D (Which is, to exercise daily blogging!) Plus, I don't really have a photo of my town, but here are photos of our neighborhood:

These photos were from years ago, taken with my Diana during the days when I caught the plastic toy camera craze and thought I'd be doing this forever. Haha! :p It's just sad that the long process that the real enthusiasts enjoyed in Lomography didn't stick in me, I actually don't have the patience to wait for film processing. =p Plus the budget!

Almost sold my Diana twice, but was discouraged by random people that I have told my "I am broke and I'll sell all my things" story, haha. Now, I actually miss using Princess Di! (I name my stuff creatively noh? There's also Niks my Nikon digicam, and Noks my Nokia phone haha). I was still going through the stage of experimenting with fresh films where you shoot anything and everything...Like for instance, this set where I shot pictures of our dogs, of sidewalk flowers, neighbors' rooftops, and our streets. Haha!



  1. Bahahaha I love your names for your gadgets :D Ako I lose sleep over a name pa eh, but the moment I hold the gadget in my hand, I instantly know na :)

  2. i finally joined the bandwagon of 30 days! hehe today's my first!

  3. Hahaha! YOURS Krissy mas creative ang namesss! Parang mga royalties your gadgets, while my toys mga Jejemon hahahaha!

    Avaaa! weee goodluck a! :D Hope youll do better than skip skip 30day blogging challenge hehehe ;D


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