The Perks of Being A Blogger (or a blog reader, in my case)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think it's cool that the fashion/lifestyle blogging world here in the country is growing. As I've said in my friends' thread in Face Book, my big wish now is to establish this little online space of mine so I get to be called a "Blogger" -- with the capital B--just like the ones who get invited in openings and events along with other Bloggers and media groups, etcetera...just like a real journalist! :)

As said in former post, I joined Raleene Cabrera's mini-contest and was chosen as her "reader" to tag along with her for the Robinson's Midtown's The Great Fashion Finds event with other fashion and lifestyle bloggers last Sunday. :) I learned just now that it was organized by Robinsons' Jeff Siy--Mr. Boy Kuripot himself! ;p I am a follower, and even joined the contests before! Haha!

I was super excited since this was my first time to attend a bloggers gathering (although, as a reader, for now. hehe. ;))...Plus, to finally be able to meet the other www-stars and the cool Raleene! :D 


Like a real press event, they served us lunch before the activity. We ate at the KKK restaurant, and they made us order whatever we want! :) Raleene and I shared the Sisig Vegetarian (tofu) and the Adobong Kangkong. I think it's cool to have a vegetarian company once in a while. I am so used to finishing up a whole order (or two, because I love variety haha) by myself! ;p 

Was also able to talk with other bloggers during the meal: Tin Iglesias whom I just had a rings-transaction with!, Bestie who even asked me why I don't have a reader with me (ok, I'm flattered haha!), and the dearest Pax and Melai: The tandem that never fails to make me laugh! :) 


This is the ultimate highlight of the day! :) We were given GCs (even us readers!) for Robinsons Department Store and selected brands. Also, we had a mini by-pair contest where they made us choose 5 brands in their list that we can explore for great finds, take photos and post in their Face Book page. We picked Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Accessorize, and their department store. 

Here are some of our "shopping photos", most of them I got from Raleene (those with watermarks ;)):

Ral got this pair of shorts with her GC! :) 

I really love the eyelet dress :) Ral chose this brown jacket! I was challenged with Styling101 ;p

When I wore this without the belt, Raleene told me that the length was too long (O-oh for Ms. Conservative Me, haha)...And although my FAT-a are exposed in this picture, I actually like this! :) 

Gorgeous as always! :)

Dorothy Perkins is THE shop for meee! I'm usually afraid to go inside stores if I wouldn't really buy anything (haha sorry naman), but our event passes made me roam around the racks freely...and fit whatever I want without getting "the looks" from the sales ladies. :D

I can't get enough of love hahaha

My outfit post, pwede na to, haha! ;p

I was eye-ing that gold big bag in the middle, but my kuripot-mode overtook the shopaholic in me that day. Why do I get so thrifty when the budget is there, and why am I so magastos when I don't have money? ;p Haha!


After the "shopping" and photo-shooting part, we headed on our station to make a collage output. It's cool that they have free Wi-Fi! :) 

Raleene did her magic ...while I munched on our snacks from Friday's! :)

Serious Serious!

Rings galore! :)

My thought balloon: "Amazing!" 
Didn't catch her post-processing techniques, I am too tech-challenged to get it. Haha!

Yehey! :)


Since there's only a few of us in the group, I was sure to get even a minor prize when they announced a raffle! :) It was just our lucky day that we got to bring home to biggest prizes: Raleene won the Sun Wireless Broadband, and I got more GCs! :D


I guess this cheesy perk tops everything else! ;) Haha! I love it that I was able to meet people I only see online! :) Not only to get "connected" with these people, but I think it's also cool to hear their voices and actually see them "live"--and discover that they're as fashionable and witty as their online selves. ;)

There's cutie Tin, my seatmate during lunch, and the one who won the mini-contest! :-)

Fasyown Bestie! :)

My vintage-cool girls Pax and Melai! =)
I am so happy to see you both again after the bazaar! ;)
More hangouts, ok? :)
[photo from pax]

Fellow Kulasa and Thomasian! :)) Maybe that's why I am so comfy with you! :)

Sweetie Melai! :) She told me "you're nice", and I am really flattered! :) Hope it's a nice "nice"! :) Hehe! ;p

And! Of course, my Blogger, Raleene! :) Thank you again for inviting meee! I had so much fun! :)

Thanks Robinsons Malls for organizing this event! 
And thank you again Bloggers! :) Do checkout their pages! [Raleene, Bestie, Pax, Melai, Tin]

I hope this isn't the last! :) Till next bloggers' events! :)


  1. Why do I get so thrifty when the budget is there, and why am I so magastos when I don't have money?
    Same here! Hahaha.

    You all look gorgeous! :) Lucky you for winning Robinsons GCs! I heart their department store! So many good finds! :)

  2. Hihihi thanks Claud! Onga I super love department stores! it's the place where i can roam around freely and not feel like being "watched" since the place is BIG! ;p

  3. OMG I love all the photos and I'm so selos, I wish I was with you guys! Hee!! :3 Love all the outfits! And you girls are too gorgey!

  4. I meant it as in "nice" - like a really good person :) It radiates out of you! :) Gosh I love you cuz your nice. I hate cuz you're so lucky you won GCs! Waaah! I hate it. Sana pareho tayong winner nun. Hahaha. Love you ana! Next time kain tayo out nila Aisa :) Mwuah!

  5. May I just dagdag. I look like a rag with raleene beside me okay. Ganda niya lang! Hahah :)

  6. Last na toh, swear. I love all the outfits you tried on Ana! :) Great finds indeed :)

  7. uhh , what a great post! i love the fashion style on this post ;)

    visit mine ,

  8. Abbieee! :D I wish youre here tooo! I'm sure youll get invited in these bloggers events tooo! :D Missyou na!

    Melai!! Hahaha!!! Oo labas tayo minsan! Im thinking of a shoot with Pax, and hopefully youre game with it too! For Anagon Monthly sana hehehe! ;D And onga I feel like a P.A. beside gorj Raleene! ;) Hehehehe! And thank youuu! I just love comfy clothes! =) That's the first criteria! :)

    Diana: Thank you sooo much! :) Hope I can post more fashion stuff in the future! :) See you more online! :)

  9. WOW, that sounds like an amazing event!
    Oooh I have those flag shorts that your friend bought! They're impossibly awesome, hehe.

    Love your outfit btw, especially the hat... I'm addicted to hats, tehe.

  10. Anagon! how do get to join [or know] these sorta things?! gusto ko din!!! hahaha!

    ..and i so love you hair! bagay! danda!Ü

  11. Woow! Just visited your blog spence, and wow you have awesome style!!! :D :)

  12. Liv!!!! :D Online lang din, explore explore kasi ahhaaha! :D dream ko na ako naman maiinvite next time as blogger hehehe! ;D Thank youuu! Super haggardness na ang hair ko dito kelangan na uli pakulayan hahahaah!

  13. Woooooooow, ka-inggit. HAHA.
    I like the outfits. You look fab. :)

    Ang bilis niyo gumawa ng collage. Kung ako siguro, close na 'yong mall di pa rin ako tapos. HAHA. :P

  14. Hahahah hi nadineee!! Benta ako din ganyan baka magdamagan ang submission hahahaha! :D raleene's magic worked on the collage on-the-spot, galeng! ;)

  15. you guys looks gorge! i wish i was invited also. would love to hang out with you guys and meet the other bloggers as well. :)

  16. Waaah! Thank you so much Lloyda!! I really do hope they have more of these blogger events and hope to see you again, and hangout! :D

  17. This looks so much fun!! Ang galing sis, happy for you! :D

    "Why do I get so thrifty when the budget is there, and why am I so magastos when I don't have money? ;p" Love it :D

    PS: Nasasad ako wala pa rin Eat Pray Love dito :(

  18. Thanks sissss!!! Naku may balita talaga theyll release it here ng October paaaa! =s We should dinner out nalang this month or something ha!=)

  19. prang ang saya nmn hehe..
    hi sis..i just invaded the blog world again..
    i need to re-connect to my online world..
    but first things first..i have to learn how to use and customize my blog haha..goodluck to me

  20. Omg yehey!!! :D Namiss ko ang multiply days natinnn!!! :) Following you nakagad while you design your blog pa hahaha ;D Challenging sakin talaga layouts pang multiply lang ako hahaha ;D

  21. This event looked like fun :) You got great finds, and all of you guys do look great :)


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