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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finally, I was able to attend this Sunday's Feast with my family! :) (I missed the one last week =p) The theme today was on "Saying yes to everything"--even when it scares you, just so you can develop and share your talents. Use it or Lose it!

This week I realized that I am tired and drained, but also, I felt fulfilled for saying Yes to Life! :) Even with aching back from heavy bags I lug around while commuting, plus the lack of sleep and the crazy weather testing my immune system...I still went for the styling stint of Outbox Media with Pax last Friday at The Room in Timog/Panay Ave. (which is a land far far away for your Alabang Girl)! 

For the Ballerina theme, we actually applied Ashley Dy's DIY from her blog post! :D Shoutout to my fashionista sistah!!! :D I love that it's more "modern" than just letting the models wear tights and leotards! 

We started at around 10am and finished almost 10pm already! ;p We had 4 models (all girls: Aphol, Meg, Cristal, Danna, and Jacq who followed for the Korean theme), 4 hair and make up artists (2 of them are also from UST! :) Which made me like them right away, just like when you just meet a fellow Pinoy while abroad and you're at ease with the person right away? Kabayan! :)), 2 photographers, several organizers from Outbox Media, and 2 stylists (moi and pax! =)).

We accomplished around twelve themes for the 4 models...single shots then group. The themes are of extreme choices by the agency: (aside from those mentioned in former post) Disney Princess, Ballroom, School Girls, Korean, Natural Look, Red Carpet, Cocktail Dress...

The shoesss and Pax's winner oxfords! :D

"Models do eat"--haha!

For the Natural Look



Hip Hop

School Girls


It was late afternoon when I learned that this shoot was for an ad to be placed by the agency in Women's Mag. Meaning, we weren't sure if there will be citations. And because of the lack of prep time, and the lack of shooting time itself (this is better done I guess in 2 days! :)), Pax and I felt that we weren't able to maximize what we can do as stylists. In the end, though, we agreed that the experience is more (and the most!) important. The weird combinations of super different themes made us learn more on pressured styling; with lack of resources--we learned to improvise! And at the end of the day, I know I also met new friends. Drained and unenergized, I hope I worked well and was still well-mannered till the end! :)

Our baby model Danna! :)

Meg ready to belly dance!

Cristal, a really pro model, she's easy to work with :)

Super great MUA, Anton! He is also from UST! :)

Kresta, a make up artist and fellow Tomasino! :)

Carlo, one of our photogs!

My stylish "teh!" Pax! =)

Slept over at Ana's Friday night, where we missed out on our movie club since I arrived Greenbelt late (and hungry!) already. We ate in CPK Glorietta, had coffee in GB's CBTL, and called it a night. The next day, I wasn't expecting that I wasn't sick (haha) so I pushed through with my UAAP plans with my Tiger girls Imee, Ickay, and Vany. I was late since the venue is in Philsports Arena, but I am proud that I only commuted going to the venue! ;) I felt the rushhhh when I saw that my three UAAP friends were present, I missed them!!!

My girls were (almost) complete that game! :) Thomasians and Tigers supporters Imee, me, Ickay, and Vany!

Though UST lost again against FEU (sigh), I am proud of the Tigers coz they didn't gave the game that easily. Sayang lang talaga! It would have been great if we won against the current 1st in team standing. ;p 

Photos! :)
Bring back the golden glory, my Tigers! Till next game!

Aherms. Hahaha. Kthxbye.

Aljon Mariano! One for UST! :)

I'm laaate! ;p But I was thereee!!! :)

Gawi during the halftime!

Chris Camus

Melo Afuang

Patron Tequila, haha!

Imee and Ickay--my seatmates for the game! :) (Vany was with her brother)

Gray team. Ahem. Hahahaha! ;p Can this be ? JOKE! ;p

It was a super busy on-the-go weekend that I after twitting and facebook-ing and it was already 1am last "night" that I realized I actually forgot to eat my dinner. It was a first time!!! Though I am diet-conscious before, I have never unintentionally skip a meal! I just LOVE food to forget about it!!! =D 

Hmm..though the adventures I went through was worth it, all because I said YES to every invite! =)

To the Goddess of Good Times...More of these please! ;-)


  1. Fun! You're going pro sis, awesome! :)

    Ako rin pagod all week, but it's soo worth it! Pareho tayo ng opening statement ng kaka-post ko lang, soul sisters! :D


  2. wow busy girl once more, ms. ana!:) i like that! Yes to everything! woop power!!:) hehe. I love how you're getting all these experiences. Styling, magazine stuffs, blogger event. its really cool!! and I wish someday I could experience the same thing!:) more power to you, ms. ana!! Haven't watched UAAP yet. Always wanted to! hehe GO DLSU! haha..but i have watched NCAA :)

  3. Weee thank you sis! Ang cool nun ballerina shoes thing noh?? it's just wearing stockings na twinist twist, then wear your pumps! :) check out yun link sis san namin nakuha! :D cool!!
    YES! Super soul sistahs! :) let's continue living the life! see you next weeeek!!!

  4. Awww thank you Avaaa! :) Just go for whatever comes your way! :) Dadating din yan before you know it! :) Excited for what is ahead of you, sis!!!

    And yes!! Animo! (hahah, for my sisters, and for the bulk of my Anagon clients, hahaha! ;))...<3

  5. This is a Thomasian entry! ;)

    Anton and Kresta, I kind of know them through a CA friend. Lagi kasi binabanggit ng friend kong yun yung dalawa. :)

    Hanep sa raket! Loves it. :)

  6. Yes emskyyy! :D Onga noh!! :D I miss miss miss USTEEE!! :D Sabi na e super small world talaga!! CA din sila like youuu! :)

  7. what a fun and cool photoshoot!!!! galing niyo!!! and oh, thanks for leaving a sweet and funny comment on my blog. so, nahanap mo ba ang bird? haha!

  8. Coool you know Anton, too! Good job styling :)

  9. Hooray to some fantastic times :) The shoot looks amazing. Love the styling a lot!

  10. HAHAHA!!! :D Oo kookie I looked for it! ;D Hahaha! Ayun o sa tabi mo lang, ng iyong power shoes! ;) hihihi!

    Thank you Raleene and Nathalie!! :) It was also stressful though, so comments like these are superduper appreciated!!! =) =)

  11. Ana! Sa susunod sama niyo ko ni Pax sa styling kahit walang intrega keri lang. Hahaha. Gusto ko lang sumama! Hehe :)

  12. yesss melaiii!!!!! :) hope more to come pa! :) miss you! :)


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