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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I just want to blog about random things before really leaving the house today. I am actually much much better today than last week...After a series of headaches, flu, fever, back pains, etc. God finally gave me a day where I'm all in tip-top shape (except for a slight-weezy noise when I cough =p), ready to go out there again, to earn! ;p Haha!

Planning to finally meet long-over due suppliers for my new collections, plus, a buyer or two (for today, coz tomorrow will be my full-blast meet up day. Gulp). Also part of the agenda is to get myself a cute luggage/maleta. I realized that even with just The Essentials: my wallet, point-and-shoot camera, foldable umbrella, and make up kit--my bag is already heavy. =p I know it will make me look weird when I stroll the mall or the streets with a huge rolling-bag...But I really pity my back for carrying huge totes with me every time I go out. =p Mabuti nang mukhang weirdo kesa kawawa ang likod. Haha!

Then, will also pay for my Candy Fair stall! Can't wait for this event I've been participating in for the past nth years!!! :)) By the way, it will be held in A. Venue Makati this October 2! Will post about this again when I'm all set for it!

Last kwento, I think I'm going sentimental lately. Been emailing with Ana in her work mail from time to time, which actually created our expression "Text Text, Email Email!" haha! Yesterday, she wasn't able to reply right away and she told me she's sorry coz yesterday was pretty much work-loaded for her. I replied with a really dramatic message that made her say that I am senti/madrama lately, and i realized that it's because I have nothing to look forward to again every week, since the UAAP already ended for my team.

Other than that, been texting with my college friend Chai again lately, plus I just got a wall message in my Face Book this morning from my other college friend Marlene saying that while she's Google-ing for her name, she chanced upon my blog and missed our good times. =/

We don't keep in touch much the past months (or even years) .. I really miss my friends in UST. =/

I'm also starting on an off-line diary thing again coz I missed it. I hope it brings new perspective and direction in my life. :)) Now, off to work for today's agendas! :))


  1. I thought short post? Hahaha, Ana I miss you!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Yes tuloy na tuloy nako nadine!! :))) see youuuu!!!
    Melai hahahahah QUICK post lang pero long parin, coz Anagon is a chatterbox ;) hehehehe!! :)) i missyou too!! :)

  3. I'm glad you're feeling much better, Ana!:) May God continue to bless you with good health! And I can't wait for your new collection! You always know how to tempt me with accessories! eeep!=p

    Good luck with Candy fair! I'm planning on going, but still thinking about it. :)

  4. Thanks for the sweetest words ava! :)) I really hope you can make it in the candy fair sis! :))

  5. I realized i didnt make a Piece of Me entry this month!!! =/ First time! Will definitely follow you, shirley! :))


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