Wish List #7

Friday, September 24, 2010

So many wantsss!!! :p Temptation sneaks in...especially when a trip is coming so so soon that I have to tighten my belt, or at least try! :p *le sigh* 

1) More regular sized Yeah notebooks (as blogged here) - Coz I can never have enough papers in my life. :p The current glittery pink notebook is my journal--but I want one for my everyday use; like to list orders and schedules. I want more nice n.t.b.k-s pleassse!!! =p

2) These Ichigo Shoes!!! 8D

The blush pink moccasins! :p From their Eva Collection at P880

Pink floral oxfords from their Ivy Collection at P860.

I saw the pink moccasins while strolling around The Ramp, waiting for my meet ups. I fell in love head over feet with these blush hippie flats, I tell you. ;p  I also want my own brogues/oxfords so I always drop by the Ichigo section of the store. They have the best flats (I also adore the Lulu Collection: One-color brogues!), and for yours truly who'd rather crawl than wear her heels everyday (sadly =p), the designs of this local brand are wish-come-true. Fashionable, yet still comfy! I love it that they also provide shoes for the Ms. Big Foot like me! ;P Haha! It's so hard to shoe-shop when you are size 10! :D SRSLY!

3) SHORTS. All kinds of SHORTS because I can never have enough pairs. Denim, formal, black, bright like red or yellow, stripes, gray, khaki, floral, polka dots, loose, fit, folded, scallop edges--all of them! ;p

photo from:

4) Trousers - the best alternative to my shorts all-day-everyday motto! ;p

5) The to-die-for clogs from Gold Dot

Too 70s, my "fashion era", I love it! =) I drool coz they have them in size 10! ;p Haha! Plus, the back strap is detachable! I love the bone color-wood combi too! :p

Huhuhu... But I need to save up for SG! :p I will be going with Alli and Geo already this November (months just flew too fast!). The original plan was just me and my sister, but then I got the surprise of my (travelling) life when my friends one-by-one booked their flights too!!! :) So we can't rely on the apartment of my sister's friends who live there...nakakahiya! We have to book a hotel room, so that's extra money to save up for. PLUS, the shopping that I always look forward to in every trip!! I guess I just have to work doubly hard to get these!!! ;p

Oh pretty things!!!

PS: I also want a pair of DMs. :p Or a floral sneakers. Gosh the wants are never ending!!! Hahaha!


  1. ooooh! I like this :) my favorite wish is the ichigo shoes!!:) I'm still looking for a pair! i think I like the flats too! Might get one on october *fingers crossed* if they still have! Also it's quite hard for me to go shoe shopping too. Size 6 or 7 runs out sooo fast! :(

    I wanna make an entry of wish lists too!

  2. Thank you Ava!! :D It's just so random! I want Ichigo shoessss :p Oo nga noh, the common sizes naman have so many "competitions" hehe! :D Go go go with your wishlist! ;) Someone might "hear" us! Haha! =D
    Or sabi nga nila, pag nasulat mo na, mas magkakatotoo! :D Hehe!

  3. oooh same here. size 10 din ako i like everything sa ichigo too bad walang kasya sa`tin =[.

  4. Larisse! :)) Hello fellow size 10! :)) Oh they do have size 10 in ichigo!! :)) and it's totoong size 10 na malaki and not the China size!! :D

  5. Krissy! Supeeeerrr!! They have lots of other floral oxfords pa, nakakadroool! ;p

  6. Grabe, ang laki ng paa mo, Ana! :)

  7. Larisse! Yezz! :)) I love shoe brands that carry our size! :)) Hihi!

    Claud: IKNOWRIGHT?? :D Hahaha! Im not sure if it's a curse, or I should just be thankful that these feet can carry me even on my heavyweight days..haha

  8. Asset yan! :D

    Hay, ganda talaga ng Ichigo shoes.


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