Just caught the fire.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I finished more that half of it last night when the story became to intense to just drop the book in between.

Unlike the book I was reading before this --a thin paperback that I easily read while standing in a crowded LRT, the Catching Fire copy I borrowed from Ana is hardbound--thick and heavy to bring around. I did read some chapters in a coffee shop, but was comfortable reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games Trilogy before my bed time, in the comforts of my room. 

And so last night, I think it was past 11pm already when I finished my Internet-ing (really, this addiction to online "stalking" wastes a lot of my time which would have been better spent reading. ;p), I flopped on my bed and let Katniss' story take over my world. I was lost in the book, that when I finished the last sentence it was already 3am! Talk about a "page turner" in its truest form!

I remembered talking with Ana about Catching Fire on my last sleep over in her place. I was comparing this to Hunger Games and how the story is more exciting when it was all about Katniss' struggles in the arena, and the exciting and cruel reality contest were the things I fell in love with the first book. My friend said I should just continue reading coz this is also as good. "Maganda yan!" 

Last night proved her words, as I stared for awhile when I concluded the book. Still thinking about it when I woke up today. As I texted Ana: "Nadisturb ako!" Still can't get over! And I can't wait to get my hands on the last book: Mockingjay! :)

* Sayang I didn't win Saab's blog giveaway! Congrats to the winner of The Hunger Games books! :p So jealous, haha!

* Will this series really have a movie adaptation???

* I so want a Mockingjay pin! :p

* So, are you Team Peeta or Teem Gayle? :D Haha!

"I'm sorry. About screaming at you yesterday." 
"I've heard worse," she said. "You've seen how people are, when someone they love is in pain."
- Katniss and her mom.


  1. looks to be such a great read,=) I didn't win Saab's giveaway too,=(. But hey, =) it's ok!=)

  2. It is, Ann! :)) Yes it's ok, it would have been cool though hihi! ;))


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