The Starbucks Planner Tradition 2+Ate's Birthday

Monday, November 08, 2010

Second Starbucks sticker was earned last Saturday in Greenbelt 3 with Ana. We were wasting around 2 hours till our movie sched (Due Date). 

Always outdoor tambay when with Ana, so I opted for Toffee Nut Latte iced. We were arguing which is more sulit between iced and frap. Jejejeje.

My drink is the one labeled with GIA (house nickname). I always make sure of this whenever I am with Ana coz I thought the barista might laugh when they ask me "name please?" And I'll reply "Ana din po!" Haha. XP

Seatmate namin. Jejeje. Swerte niya tulog siya! Lazy afternooon.

After the movie, I received multitude of texts and missed calls from buyers, Alli, and mostly from my family. The Gonzaleses are all already in the dinner place for Ate's birthday treat as early as 6:30pm (excited?):

Ate chose to eat in her favorite Japanese resto, Seryna. The Jap-food lovers in the family were in love with everything they ordered...salmon, sushi, bacon, maki, yakisoba, shitake,...even with the rice! :D

WACKY daw haha!
Happy Birthday Ate! :)

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  1. Hehehe! :D And now I am craving for more more good fooood!! ;D

  2. Hi Missy! Hihi! :D Not the biggest jap food fan, but i crrrave for maki from time to time! :) hihi! :)


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