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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yesterday, I decided to drop the plan to get a Lonely Planet guide book to Singapore, and instead, did my own Google researchin'! Gah...I missed my days as a journalism student where research is like breathing or drinking (ok, that was cheesy, haha!). I wonder if it's the reason why I loathed researching post-college? ;p Nag-sawa ba!

Set everything in MS Word, and with the help of ate's office printer (oops, bukeng!):
 Copies of our plane tickets, places to go to, things to try out, Universal tickets, our hotel reservations, etcetera, etcetera. Pag eto hindi padin ako palusutin sa sobrang strict daw na immigration lately!!! 

We haven't specified our whole trip, but then, where's the fun in being too prepared right? :) I already have my SGD c/o my Ate the Banker (that makes me Anagon the Merchant? :)). Almost set then! :)

Awhile ago, on my last big meet up before the big trip (hello Ms. Apple!:)), I realized that I have accomplished my ProjectSG (ProjectSG was mentioned in this blog's P.S. and the sole purpose of this blog entry). I can't help but be proud of myself! Ang galing lang, now I fully believe in "claiming"-- and the world will conspire so that you'll get what you want. Project SG, mission accomplished! 

Spent the rest of my afternoon on a coffee break (semi-celebration for Project SG!) with Ana in the Starbucks near her workplace. I acquired two more stickers! (Got Ana's, hehehe.) 

Ana's brewed coffee, my coffee jelly, and a cheesecake:
Sorry sa tamaderang picture. Didn't have my cam today, and can't find the cord for my phone. ;p

Tomorrow is Anagon Collection's last shipping-day for the week! Then I will be packing already, what to wear what to wear? I wonder if it's also raining there? Hehehe! Countdown to SG! :)


  1. anagon! :)

    you're an amazing artist.

    ill follow your blog.

    -sheena :)

  2. Sheena! :D Yey a kulasa with a blog! :) Following you too!! :)

    Thank you Krissy!!! :) Hoping the best trip!!!!! :)


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