A good way to end the day is the scent of strawberries.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What kept me busy last weekend:

1) Lunch-out with my friends in UST, which I blogged about HERE.

2) Met up with Ana for our usual weekend movie club. We watched Harry Potter 7.1, again! Second time around for me, FOURTH time for Ana, haha! Still cried over Dobby scene. :P

3) Finished the 100 pieces bookmark orders of a client for her debut souvenirs. She requested 4 different designs, which I posted HERE. Thanks Elka and hope you like them! :)

Crazy project! Aching and callused hands after accomplishing them! :P

4) On my way home, I decided to go Ukay shopping for my Christmas outfits. Naisip ko, mas malayo ang mararating ng pera dito! Hehe! Dropped by Metropolis, the last stop of the bus to Alabang, and the home of several Ukay Ukay

Two of my neat finds:

A blue dress

Which is an original H&M piece! My oh my! :D

I thought that plaids will go out of style--but feel ko basic na siya ngayon! :)

A plaid polo Marks & Spencer original! :D

After just two Ukay-an in Metropolis, total damage is P2k-ish already! Pikit-mata from the other stores, I lugged around my purchases while riding a jeep and then tricycle going home. Then realized I acquired some "shark's slits" from carrying the heavy supots. :P
I need some sort of relaxation, NOW!

Good timing naman, when I entered my room, Santa Claus just arrived in the form of Lifestrong Marketing Inc! And he left me some presents!

My Kustie Scrub Jam products! :) Excited nako maligo! Haha!

"Kustie Scrub Jam is 100% Natural Body and Facial scrub formulated in France that exfoliates dead skin cells for a smoother and silkier skin." Got this from their Facebook page, sosyal lang, France. Hehehe! :)

This is not a jar of strawberry jam!
But when I opened the protective foil cover, wow the Kustie body scrub (P349/200ml) smells just like one! :D 
Asa Baguio na ba ako mga teh??? 

The best way to relax and unwind after a long day: a nice warm batch with super bangong body scrub. Mapapakanta ka talaga ng Strawberry Fields Forever! Hehe. With strawberry and apricot seed extract, my skin felt so smooth right after maligo. I swear on the instant results! 

I smell like strawberries after bathing! 

Kulit lang nung "No Eating" hehe.

On to my second product, before completely mahilata sa kama, I tried the Kustie Body Butter (P299/200mL).

This is not a strawberry yogurt!

As they say: always moisturize skin after exfoliating/scrubbing! :) The body butter is a perfect combination to the scrub. Double strawberry na ang amoy ko, hehe. But seriously, I love the smooth and silky feeling my skin got right after using the products. Whenever I get to use such effective products like Kustie Scrub Jam, parang gusto ko nalang maligo forever. Hehe.

Kustie Scrub Jam is FDA approved and is currently available at selected outlets of Watsons, SM Beauty Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, Ever Gotesco department store, Sta. Lucia and other major retail outlets.
Also available: Coconut, Papaya, Cucumber, Apricot, Honey+Almond. 
Visit and LIKE them on Facebook! :)
Special thanks to Sir Lance Lee of Lifestrong Marketing Inc.


  1. Love digging but probably not this month so busy hehe... Great buys i must say and congrats for finishing the bookmark project.; )

  2. Ana! Wow may libre ka pang pampaganda! Wow :) Nice ukay finds teh! :) Miss you dear!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. pumasok ba yung comment ko?? hmmm. hahaha nice naman ng xmas gift mo teh! and bongga ukay finds! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. wooow 100 orders! crazy but im sure made with love bawat isa nun. :)

    good finds sa ukay ah! nice!

  5. Thank you Chiqui! :) Really spent lots of time with the bookmarks :) Been awhile since I ukay shopped, glad they have cool stuff the day i went there! :D

  6. Melai!!!!! I miss youuu!! Yes mga thrift store babies tayo nila pax e! :D Hehehe! See you on Thursday ok! :D <3 And yes, super special thanks to my early santa claus, lifestrong marketing! <3 :)

    Smarla: Super duper crazy! :D Good thing the buyer ordered in advance :) It was a nice transaction! :)

  7. :)) kakatuwa yung signs na "no eating" haha.

  8. Hi Samantha! :D Hihihi ang kulit lang noh! :D


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