Food Trip: Hanayo Korean Restaurant (near UST)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Remember the Santorini Korean Restaurant food trip I had with Vany last October? We actually had a repeat last Saturday--and this time, with Imee, Ickay, and Alexa! :) Kumpleto ang barkadahan!

We planned this pre-Christmas get-together few days ago. The girls are my UAAP basketball friends, people I met during UST Growling Tigers' games. From then on, we go together in Araneta or Ultra to watch and support our team. No wonder here's Ickay's Christmas gift to us:

A cute tiger pen! :D Thank you Ickay!!!

We met inside UST, and on our way to Dapitan, we saw this:
A new rebulto being placed in the plaza. Wait, ano na uli tawag sa lugar nato, likod ng Main Building? :P

Instead of going to the same resto, we tried another Korean place near UST: Hanayo. The place is quite new, or maybe I haven't been to my alma mater for a long time already. The 2-storey restaurant is located in Antonio St. (near the former Dapitan "Charms and Crystals", hehe!).

Super uso talaga ng Korean ngayon noh? KPop, Korean fashion, Korean shows, Sandara Park, Korean music...And Korean food! :D

Lovin' the orange interiors! 

Message boards filled with fan photos, drawings and messages!

With Alexa and Ickay!

Imee and Vany!

Ickay having a hard time choosing from Hanayo's wide selection!

Everyone had to check their orders in an order slip, and pay in the counter.

While waiting for our orders...
Number 20...And Jervy talaga naisip nila! :)

Our foods!:

My Bibimbap Solo (P140)

Imee's Tuna Kimbap (P95)

Ickay's Chapchae with Seafood and Vegetable Pie (P95)

Vany's Tokbokgi, sweet and spicy rolled rice with beef (P100)

Dak Naengche (Chicken Vegetable Salad) (P130)

Like in any Korean resto, free kimchi and spicy fish cakes for everyone!

Nom Nom Nom!

After our meals, we checked out the desserts:

The girls, choosing their Korean ice creams! :D

Vany told me before that Koreans eat ice cream after their meal to remove its spicy after-taste! Something she learned from watching Koreanovelas! ;) Hehe!

Death by Chocolate:
I got their version of "pinipig": creamy chocolate and nuts covering, frozen vanilla ice cream, and with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate filling! SARAP!

Imee got the "pinipig" as well, while Vany got the ice cream sandwich with COOKIES AND CREAM. Alex and Ickay both got the ice cream sandwich with CHEESE CAKE! I have to try that next time! :P Hanayo also sells the famous Bungeoppang, or fish-shaped cake ice cream. So many reasons to go back here!

Happy people! :) Paskong Pasko pa ang mood, hehe! :)

I'm so happy to have this pre-Christmas lunch date with my "Tiger Friends". As said earlier, we usually meet just to watch the UST games every season. I think it's so nice to know that we can also get-together for reasons other than basketball: for friendship! :)


  1. Waaaaaah MELONAAAAA! May Korean convenience store sa dating office ko, araw araw kumakain ako ng korean ice cream pero madalas talaga Melona <3

    Lee []

  2. Lee! OMG is melona really good?? so many foods na dapat balikan sa hanayo sooon! :D haha! Sarap! :P

  3. Ang sarap lang. I drool. bow haha =p San kaya tayo pwede kumain sa thursday?? haha

  4. If i'm not mistaken, that area behind the main building is Colayco (not sure ha, I graduated waaay back).

    Ang saya naman ng food trip nyo! Yummmm!

  5. Ava! :D Weeee I wanna EAT! Wala na DIET DIET!!! :D Isip tayo something new naman sa moa!! !:))

  6. herroyalbleakness: YES! Colayco rin siya during half my stay in college! :D I think, haha! Then they changed it to plaza something hahaha, hindi ko na tuloy maalala :P

  7. There's also a Hanayo Resto in Recto, I ate there with boyfriend.. XD I love all the food lol :)

  8. Wow I miss UST. I use to frequent a Japanese Restaurant there.

  9. Quadricentennial park na po tawag ngayon sa Colayco :)

  10. izhia: Cool! :D I love there nadin heehee, hope i can try out the other options too! :)

    Nori! grabe i miss ust din, and the cheap foods :) hehe!

    tine! thank you! thank you! :D quadri! :D Tama! :D Hahaha!

  11. plaza mayor is the one in front of the main building. :)

  12. Thank you Anonymous! :) So that's quadri sa likod, plaza mayor sa harap! ;) Thank you!!


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