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Thursday, December 23, 2010

As blogged HERE, the family drove all the way from south to north to attend my cousin Kuya Miki's wedding with Ate Sheila in Holiday Inn Pampanga last Sunday. I didn't really expect anything from the event, since my mom just told us to mark the dates for this civil (family-only) "small" wedding, and to bring extra clothes because we will be sleeping over in a "resort" in Pampanga. 

First, it wasn't a small wedding! We witnessed something more of an intimate wedding, I guess, since only families of the bride and groom were invited. But bigtime siya! :D And second, it wasn't just any pipichuging resort, we actually stayed in a bungalow house--all to ourselves! Shalani, I tell you! :D Thanks Kuya Miki for this instant-outing! :D

Photos Pre-Wedding:

Dad fixing his tie, and Mom putting on make up:

Konting flip pa ng hair, mom! Haha!

The wedding set-up, a really beautiful venue! Sayang hindi ko naabutan na may sunset! :D

My Tito Rick, the groom- Kuya Miki, and my Tita Emma!

I realized that a civil wedding is the fuss free no-drama version of a church wedding. I guess that's why they added this "march" for Ate Sheila. :) 
I can't imagine my wedding without this march, right? :)

I've always wanted to get wed in a beautiful garden, poolside, or by the sea! :D

It's the ambiance, dude! The ambiance! <3

Outdoor weddings <3

Also, in a civil wedding, as we all know, the ceremony is presided by a judge or a local civil authority. In this nuptial, they had the Mayor.

The mayor had quite a long talk, hehe, so my sisters and I played with the camera!

Trying to be attentive? Hehe.

Cea's funny face! ;D Haha!

Jed and Ate Ginger, the groom's siblings! :)

The mag-manugangs! Haha! Tita Emma chit-chatting with the mother of the bride:

Our attention went back to the couple when they were asked to stand up already:

"You may now kiss the bride!" (didn't hear this line though! :D)

My dad is one of the ninongs:

After the signing of the marriage register, finally...DINNER! :)

Salad Buffet! After the wedding, my mom told me that Kuya Miki really made sure the buffet is vegetarian friendly for me! 

Main Buffet:

Desserts Buffet: (Ate got goodies from this table first! :D)

A toast by the newly weds! :)

Saan naman lalamierda sila mom and daddykins??? Haha!

Photo with girl cousins! :)
Ate, Ate Ginj, Ate Kaye, ME!, Cea

Family pic!

Picture with the bride and groom! :)

After the great food and gazillion photo ops, my sisters and I played by the poolside with the camera and my cellphone's flashlight, hah! :D

Sending my love to YOU this Christmas! :)

And this parol too! Hehe!

And now, my outfit photos! =)

Bangles and Triple Turquoise Ring (ANAGON)

Green Boho Silk Dress (Thrifter), Gold Flats (Rubi/Cotton On)

And of course, a highlight on the bridal dress! :)

I love Ate Sheila's Grecian wedding gown, with classy embellishment details on the shoulders and on the mid-part. A short dress is also appropriate for the civil and poolside ceremony. :)

" Grecian style wedding dresses are hot at the moment – high-waisted with floaty materials, they would make me look like a mountain, but if you’re slim and smaller breasted, it’s a style that could look stunning." (source)

Ending this blog entry with my dream wedding gowns, hehe! If I am going to get married anytime soon (hahaha), here's what I'll probably wear:

Mary Kate Olsen's vintage, long-sleeved, and lacy dress. :D So pretty!


Ashley's gown during the Elle Style Awards is my ideal unconventional / unique wedding gown! :) Of course, the bridal gown will be more conservative on the chest area! ;P

To Kuya Miki and Ate Sheila Mutuc, CHEERS! :)


  1. pretty wedding! And ANA! You look super beautiful!:) Elegant na elegant :)

  2. Lovely wedding! I love the family picture :)

    Ako naman ang gusto kong wedding dress, yun kagaya ng sinuot ni Anne Hathaway in an awards night. I saved it somewhere in my computer for reference haha! ;D

  3. Anagon! pretty dress! Love the ring!! :D

  4. congrats to your cousins! your parents lamierda picture is super cute too!♥


  5. AvaTe! Sinong maganda dyan, IKAW ! :D Love your fashion show pics!!! :)) But thank you too for the compliment! <3

    Krissy! :D Hihihi Thank you! I love the Crazy Gonzales! Hehe! Ooooh I know! I love Anne Hathaway gowns!!!! <3 Hehehe, and ganyan din ako, save ng save ng nice outfits/photos hehehe :)))

  6. Thank you Maje! :)) Ukay+Anagon yan! ;) Hehehehe! :D Thank youuuuu!!!!

    Reg! :) Thank you! Hahahah kulit lang, nagka own world sila bigla! :D

  7. Ang ganda nung place! Swak na swak sa wedding. :)
    Ang cute talaga ng tawag mo sa daddy mo. HAHA.
    I like your dress! :)

  8. Thank you Nadine! :D Hahahah! Daddys Girl! ;D And thanks for complimenting the dress, ukay yan soshal :D

  9. A lot of weddings going on! Even in Pax's blog, the most recent entry is a wedding! Lovely inpirations. MK never disappoints!

    sPam of frou-frou

  10. That's a really beautiful wedding! No fuss pero shala shala!

  11. The place looks so lovely! I'd love to be wed outdoors too! :) Aww sometimes I think about what I'd like to wear too on my wedding day. The Ashley-inspired gown is interesting. It's something diff. Keep it low cut! Haha kidding. :p

  12. Pam: Yes I noticed too! :D Hahahah! Super uso talaga satin sa Pinas December weddings, haha! :)

    Skyenshi: TRUE! :D If youre not into all the ceremonya and stuff, this one's a good wedding :D

    Megann: Me too! :D That's the dream, hehe! Although issue parin if Church parin dapat talaga :D Wahahaha oh noes baka mascandalo ang pare at groom pag revealing ang gown hahahah!

    In Aie's shoes: Yes it is! :) Had fun as a guest, hehe :)) Plus ang lamig pa since Pasko na! :)


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