All about the wedding! :)

As blogged HERE, the family drove all the way from south to north to attend my cousin Kuya Miki's wedding with Ate Sheila in Holiday Inn Pampanga last Sunday. I didn't really expect anything from the event, since my mom just told us to mark the dates for this civil (family-only) "small" wedding, and to bring extra clothes because we will be sleeping over in a "resort" in Pampanga. 

First, it wasn't a small wedding! We witnessed something more of an intimate wedding, I guess, since only families of the bride and groom were invited. But bigtime siya! :D And second, it wasn't just any pipichuging resort, we actually stayed in a bungalow house--all to ourselves! Shalani, I tell you! :D Thanks Kuya Miki for this instant-outing! :D

Photos Pre-Wedding:

Dad fixing his tie, and Mom putting on make up:

Konting flip pa ng hair, mom! Haha!

The wedding set-up, a really beautiful venue! Sayang hindi ko naabutan na may sunset! :D

My Tito Rick, the groom- Kuya Miki, and my Tita Emma!

I realized that a civil wedding is the fuss free no-drama version of a church wedding. I guess that's why they added this "march" for Ate Sheila. :) 
I can't imagine my wedding without this march, right? :)

I've always wanted to get wed in a beautiful garden, poolside, or by the sea! :D

It's the ambiance, dude! The ambiance! <3

Outdoor weddings <3

Also, in a civil wedding, as we all know, the ceremony is presided by a judge or a local civil authority. In this nuptial, they had the Mayor.

The mayor had quite a long talk, hehe, so my sisters and I played with the camera!

Trying to be attentive? Hehe.

Cea's funny face! ;D Haha!

Jed and Ate Ginger, the groom's siblings! :)

The mag-manugangs! Haha! Tita Emma chit-chatting with the mother of the bride:

Our attention went back to the couple when they were asked to stand up already:

"You may now kiss the bride!" (didn't hear this line though! :D)

My dad is one of the ninongs:

After the signing of the marriage register, finally...DINNER! :)

Salad Buffet! After the wedding, my mom told me that Kuya Miki really made sure the buffet is vegetarian friendly for me! 

Main Buffet:

Desserts Buffet: (Ate got goodies from this table first! :D)

A toast by the newly weds! :)

Saan naman lalamierda sila mom and daddykins??? Haha!

Photo with girl cousins! :)
Ate, Ate Ginj, Ate Kaye, ME!, Cea

Family pic!

Picture with the bride and groom! :)

After the great food and gazillion photo ops, my sisters and I played by the poolside with the camera and my cellphone's flashlight, hah! :D

Sending my love to YOU this Christmas! :)

And this parol too! Hehe!

And now, my outfit photos! =)

Bangles and Triple Turquoise Ring (ANAGON)

Green Boho Silk Dress (Thrifter), Gold Flats (Rubi/Cotton On)

And of course, a highlight on the bridal dress! :)

I love Ate Sheila's Grecian wedding gown, with classy embellishment details on the shoulders and on the mid-part. A short dress is also appropriate for the civil and poolside ceremony. :)

" Grecian style wedding dresses are hot at the moment – high-waisted with floaty materials, they would make me look like a mountain, but if you’re slim and smaller breasted, it’s a style that could look stunning." (source)

Ending this blog entry with my dream wedding gowns, hehe! If I am going to get married anytime soon (hahaha), here's what I'll probably wear:

Mary Kate Olsen's vintage, long-sleeved, and lacy dress. :D So pretty!


Ashley's gown during the Elle Style Awards is my ideal unconventional / unique wedding gown! :) Of course, the bridal gown will be more conservative on the chest area! ;P

To Kuya Miki and Ate Sheila Mutuc, CHEERS! :)


  1. pretty wedding! And ANA! You look super beautiful!:) Elegant na elegant :)

  2. Lovely wedding! I love the family picture :)

    Ako naman ang gusto kong wedding dress, yun kagaya ng sinuot ni Anne Hathaway in an awards night. I saved it somewhere in my computer for reference haha! ;D

  3. Anagon! pretty dress! Love the ring!! :D

  4. congrats to your cousins! your parents lamierda picture is super cute too!♥


  5. AvaTe! Sinong maganda dyan, IKAW ! :D Love your fashion show pics!!! :)) But thank you too for the compliment! <3

    Krissy! :D Hihihi Thank you! I love the Crazy Gonzales! Hehe! Ooooh I know! I love Anne Hathaway gowns!!!! <3 Hehehe, and ganyan din ako, save ng save ng nice outfits/photos hehehe :)))

  6. Thank you Maje! :)) Ukay+Anagon yan! ;) Hehehehe! :D Thank youuuuu!!!!

    Reg! :) Thank you! Hahahah kulit lang, nagka own world sila bigla! :D

  7. Ang ganda nung place! Swak na swak sa wedding. :)
    Ang cute talaga ng tawag mo sa daddy mo. HAHA.
    I like your dress! :)

  8. Thank you Nadine! :D Hahahah! Daddys Girl! ;D And thanks for complimenting the dress, ukay yan soshal :D

  9. A lot of weddings going on! Even in Pax's blog, the most recent entry is a wedding! Lovely inpirations. MK never disappoints!

    sPam of frou-frou

  10. That's a really beautiful wedding! No fuss pero shala shala!

  11. The place looks so lovely! I'd love to be wed outdoors too! :) Aww sometimes I think about what I'd like to wear too on my wedding day. The Ashley-inspired gown is interesting. It's something diff. Keep it low cut! Haha kidding. :p

  12. Pam: Yes I noticed too! :D Hahahah! Super uso talaga satin sa Pinas December weddings, haha! :)

    Skyenshi: TRUE! :D If youre not into all the ceremonya and stuff, this one's a good wedding :D

    Megann: Me too! :D That's the dream, hehe! Although issue parin if Church parin dapat talaga :D Wahahaha oh noes baka mascandalo ang pare at groom pag revealing ang gown hahahah!

    In Aie's shoes: Yes it is! :) Had fun as a guest, hehe :)) Plus ang lamig pa since Pasko na! :)


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