Three Less Lonely People in the World. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Do you also belong in a big barkada, but you still have a small clique within this group of friends? :) 

That's my Bullies to my Barx. :)

Planned our own little Christmas get-together, making sure we go out near Christmas already (2 days to go!)! :) Ang lamig na ng simoy ng hangin!!!

We can't decide if we're going to book in a small-time hotel, or eat in Circles (buffet), or dine in either Glorietta, Greenbelt, Fort, or Resorts World. After discovering the big crowds in our other planned venues...We ended up in good ol' Glorietta CPK (beside the newly opened Accessorize store!). :)

What we did last night:

When we were complete and settled, I gave mom's gift to Ana and Tamems. :) I didn't know mom planned to give gifts to them, which is what I admire most from her: Her thoughtfulness makes me proud to have her as my mom. :)
Ana and Tameme: Notebook to noh? Hehehe.

Then we had a FEAST! :D
Parang pang 5 na tao! Haha! Here are the great foods we ordered:

BBQ Chicken Salad (my favorite! :))

Garlic Cream Fettucine (also my fave, hehe)

Roasted Garlic Shrimp Pasta

BBQ Chicken Pizza: A freebie from CPK, thanks to Ana's Credit Card haha!
(Currently starving while checking out these pics again, haha!)

Super satisfied, and FULL! I just have to order a brewed coffee! Haha!

Kwentuhans, and then got teased with my weird new hair scrunchie, haha!

Then, after super habang kwentuhan, time to give our Christmas gifts!!! Yehey!!!

Like last year, I asked my friends to send me their wish lists via text, and I also sent mine to them. The list shouldn't be pa-demure, since we're old-time-friends and almost-sisters, kapalan na talaga! Hahaha!


Handed Tamems and Ana an old-school but still cool Christmas greeting cards with added funny message, hehehehe.

Benta kaniya o! :D Haha!

Tamems opening my gift to her, which I wrapped a night before. Mahirap pala mag wrap noh? Hehe.

First gift is a...Lipstick? :D It's actually a LIGHTER! :D
Cute lang bagay kay MUA Tameme!

The other gift is a new blue-yellow-pink Havs! :)

Sinukat na kaagad dun, sala natin to teh? Hahaha!

I already gave my gift to Ana, which is a BIG Sponge Bob stuffed toy "na maganda ang quality"--as said in her wish list, haha. So I gave her an "extra gift" that night, para di naman sad na walang open na gift hehe.

A yosi pouch and Juicy Fruit Lighter, hehe! :P

The two can't decide who will go next, so idaan sa bato bato pick!


Ana handed me such HUGE present!!!! I felt like a lucky kid!!! :D
Ang sayaaa! Haha!



...A Basic Big Black Overnight Bag from Trunk Show!!!! :D YIPEE!

And I noticed another gift inside! :D WAH!

Another bag! OMG!!

Tamems opening gift from Ana:

She got a passport holder, some make up, AND! A Suesh make up brushes set--for our MUA! :) YEHEY! nato! :D


No time to wrap our gifts, we have a slight idea what's inside the paper bags! EEP!

Ana's Power Mac bag contains....

A new wireless mouse for her new Mac Book Pro! :D 

While my weird face reflected my excitement for my new....

Tan Long Wallet from Charles and Keith! Thank you Tameme!!! :D

I super love it, nilipat ko na lahat ng laman from my old wallet, haha!

We were the only group left in CPK, that we decided to transfer in GB Coffee Bean for more kwentos, and para bumaba ang kinain.

Then the trio had a sleepover in Ana's place! =) 

Here's my Sponge Bob gift to Ana! :D Cute!

Ana trying out her new Belkin mouse from Tamems, super cool!

And although we aren't really into this, we just have to take Photo Booth pics, haha!
Me on Photo Booth: "Nakakaadik pala!" Hehehe!

Showing off my big bun, thanks to the hair scrunchie! ;p

Bullies. <3

It's already December 24, and in just a few hours, it's Christmas Eve already! *JOY!* I actually just got home from this little Bullies "revelry", which I thank God for. Spent too much time talking, LAUGHING, and of course, BULLYING (most of the time, ako ang target, haha)...with Tamems and Ana, that right now I miss them already. It was a great night that made me remember our high school days together. I realized, and I can just feel in the deepest recesses of my heart this eternal gratitude for the Birthday Celebrant (Jesus!) for blessing me with not only the bestest friends, but two extra sisters. :)

Ang hippie lang namin, check out guitara, drinks, that Ana's Nokia 5110! Hahaha! :) <3



  1. Aww ang sweet, super loved this post Ana! Old friends are the best ♥♥

    Merry Christmas sis! ♥

  2. Thank you Krissy! :) Yes, old friends rock!!! :) Merry Christmas to you too, let's make Christmas 2010 the BEST EVAH!

  3. Nadine Camille thank you so much! A merry Christmas to you too my dear sister in Candymag, and to your family too! :) Love ya! :) <3

  4. so sweet of you . i miss tuloy my friends :(( merry christmas to you ms.ana :) stay humble and approachable .

    ennaid love <3

  5. Thank you Dianne loves! :) I really appreciate your support for Anagon Collection all year round. :) All the love this Christmas, and on the coming New Year!!! :)

  6. Aww looks like you guys had an awesome gift giving time!:) love the bags you got!!:)

  7. Merry christmas Ana! mwuah! You guys look soo happy :)

  8. Ava! This is the night din na we saw each other, patawid kami ng Coffee Bean nun! :D Nakakatawa si Athan talaga una naming nakita, cutie! :)

    Yey bag lovers! :) Hehe! :) Merry Christmas to your gang!

  9. MELAI!!! Merry Christmas to you tooo! It was a great night! :))))

  10. Merry Christmas po!=D this looks fun!


  11. Thank you Nadin! :) It is! <3 Always fun times with friends...Merry Christmas sis! :))

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