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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I got inspired with la bella Michelle's recent post on her owl collection. Too cute! I think it's awesome to have something you'd really really want, I don't know...It makes me strive harder. And syempre, it excites me! 

Back during my grade school days I collect statio and stickers. As in nakasticker album pa sila, and my classmates will bring theirs to school, tapos trade trade kami. Halata kung Richie Rich ang classmate mo kung tadtad ng Lissa Frank ang sticker album niya! :D I miss my stickers, lalo na yung statio ko from Tickles! May ganun pa ba? 

Anyway, so because of Michelle's post, napaisip ako if I still collect pretty things. I think my room is filled to the brim with "collections"--For Anagon Collection of course. Beads, plies, necklaces, rings, but those aren't mine hehe. Then I realized what clutters I have in my room that I have no plans of selling. For now, I guess. Hah!

Dalawang piraso palang, but I recently thought of starting my Starbucks city mug collection...Since I am in love with coffee and hanging out in coffee shops like Sbux. Ana bought the two mugs for me on her last trips. How cool are my friends? :) Sayang I didn't thought of this the past years I traveled to Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong (thank you Cebu Pac Seat Sale! Haha!)...Maybe on my next destination. Ang cute siguro kung ang dami na nila. <3

Other than mugs, I also LOVE hats. As in, sakit na ata itetch. Hahaha! I don't usually wear them, ang cute lang nila nakakainlove, hahaha! Here are some pieces from my hats collection:

Straw Boater Hat:

Wide Brimmed Hat:

Arte lang, hehehe.

Tiger Hat (for school spirit hehe):

 The hat with the cute big bow at the back:



Another boater:

Lacey Boater:

And, of course, my favorite:
The basic black bowler hat I always turn to during bad hair days! :)

I also have a reversible beanie but I can't find it in the black hole (aka my Closet, haha!). 

Speaking of Closets, the fashion bloggers come together for this special project:

Step into your favorite fashion bloggers' closets this February 20 (SUNDAY) as we bring to you BLOGGERS CLOSET. A bazaar-slash-bloggers meetup brought to you by your daily online reads: Artsy Fartsy Ava, In Aie's Shoes, Raleene, Krissyfied, The Plump Pinay, A Shoe Tale, Drowning Equilibriums, Honey Andrade, yours truly ahemz Ana Gonzales of TFC, and more! :) Haha! Will post more info soon, but do spread the word, mark your calendarios, and I am sooo excited to finally meet YOU!!! :D 



  1. Thank you Ava Teh!!! :D Hahahahah, BEB doodle ka ng something like this! :D Gora! :)) <3

  2. Ana! I'll make a "poster" rin for A Shoe Tale x Bloggers Closet!! haha I'm so excited for it! :D

  3. Vern kasama ka!!! :D YAHOO! :)))) Excited nako hihi!!! :D

  4. OMG. I didn't know Starbucks had mugs like those. I want!

  5. Super cute noh! :)) :D Ang cute na souvenir! :)

  6. Hello Ana :) I love your hats! My bf's mom also collects those Starbucks city mugs! hehe anyway, great blog and thanks again for my new haul ;)


  7. Super fav ung straw boater hat! ur collections!

  8. Thank you Ana! :) Super cute ng city mugs right?? :D I just love to discover your blog! And yours too Amanda!!! :)) Love your posts!! :) Thank you for visiting my blog! :))

  9. Thanks for linking! :) I wish I can go too! :-/ Sounds like fun! :D

  10. I will def see you on Feb 20. I live there :) Although i hope i get to go home on time on that day coz that's my 9th anniv date w/ the boyps.

    you are a hat girl pala! bagay na bagay lahat! i especially love fedoras on you :)

  11. Yes Michelle no problem! :)) I hope you can drop by too!! :))

    Argie: Thank you yahooo I really hope to meet you! :)) All of you bloggers! :)

  12. bet ko ung photo na nakahat habang nag yoyo-ga! hehe! Cu sa garage sale! finalize na natin ung poster para merong official na lalagay sa lahat ng blogs. I'll check my fb in a bit. =)

  13. My mom also collects Starbucks mugs from different places. Sana merong Cubao, Quiapo, Divisoria, Ongpin, etc. Haha. And type ko yung hats mo ha! :)

    Good luck sa event/bazaar! Sana makapunta ko dyan para naman makita ko kayong lahat sa personal. Mukhang super saya niyo kasama. :)

  14. Nariese ang cute nun, sana nga meron ngang mga ganung mugs kickass yun sa collection ko! :D hahaha!!! Thanks so much!!! :))) <3

    Hahahaha Aie benta hahahaha Yo ba hahahah D: See youuu excited nako sa pabazaar hehe :)))


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