D is for Denim Jacket

Monday, February 28, 2011

Been a looong time since I last wore a denim jacket--or any jacket or blazer for that matter. Who can actually layer while commuting here in Manila? Lucky for the girls who just get off their car or a cab...But for kuripotsky Anagon, there's no way I can go there than a ride of the jeep n' bus! :P

According to Nina Garcia in The One Hundred, "Be extreme. It should either be really dark or really worn out." With this, I realized that you can still go wrong with some something sooo basic as the denim--but to hell with that, I just took out what's inside my cabinet, and "played" with it. Fun in Fashion, that's the best rule! :)

For a casual south meet up day with suppliers and buyers--I paired the denim jacket with a department store stripes tee, bazaar-bought statement bag, necklace I made, brown peep-toe shoes, and my new on-the-spot DIY: The Petal-Edged Floral Shorts. :) I just snipped the whole thing and didn't even bother sewing the rough parts--good luck nalang pag nilabhan na to, haha.

ATC Starbucks with Mel, my kabarkada since high school and one of my suppliers:

This time, with the First Barx Baby Raffy, though he's not-so-baby naaa! :P

Other Ds:
- Diamond Studs

- Driving Shoe

OH! Something to look forward tonight is my first ever mainstream radio guesting, and ang tema is on BLOGGING pa! I am more used to being asked about my business, but not so much on being a blogger--so kinakabahan na ako ng bonggang bongga! To anyone and everyone who wants to hear my bloopers hahaha--tune in to Magic 89.9 at 8:30pm. I will be guesting at the Boys Night Out with Ava, Honey, and Melai! English, please be kind to me tonight, hahahaha! :D



  1. Congratulations on your first radio thing! :D I will definitely try to tune in! :)

  2. oh my gosssssshhhh! I will be listening 6pm palang haha! =) congrats in advance! hi mo ko kay Sam!!! I love him!!! Sorry Allan!

  3. Thank you Michelle! Nervous as hell! Hahhaha!!!

    Aie hahahaha omg nahihiya nako now palang! So much for announcing this ahhahaha!!! :D Kakayanin ko to! :D

  4. Ay sana I can tune in, not sure if we have that radio station here in Baguio. Anyway, super congrats!

  5. Thank you Amanda! :) And wow sooo cool naman youre from Baguio! :) <3

  6. Wowst, I'll try to tune in! Congrats sa inyo :)

  7. Wow! yey, I always listen to those makulit guys, will wait for you guys tonight! ^^,

  8. dami mong ganap! gala ng gala. busy blogger. ^^

  9. Thank you Claud, Ann, and Mike!! Naku izpeetslez ang ateng niyo kanina, sa isip isip ko, iblog ko nalang kaya ang gusto kong i-say..Hahahaha! :D

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