C is for Charm Bracelet

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not the usual charm bracelet: Wrapped, braided, and rugged is my kind of style. ;)

"When a charm bracelet is added onto charm by charm, it can be the most precious piece of jewelry in your collection. Designers have begun to issue ready-made versions, but the best charm bracelets are pure expressions of your creativity." - Nina Garcia, The One Hundred

One of these days, I think it will be great to have that charm bracelet--where I can place a charm for every new place I go to or something. :) I am sure it will be one priceless piece!

Anyway, wore this with my new furry black fedora from SM, basic gray tee from Bench (planning to get more plain tees there!), Gap denim shorts (seriously need to invest on a new one), H&M booties (which I also want in brown)...and my outfit's highlight: The Black Body Harness:

The chains may look kick-ass and all, but seriously, I didn't commute with them. Haha! Hindi lang dahil sasabit ako haha, I also can't imagine how people will look at me when I wear this in a jeep or bus, hekhekhek.

More photos from that day:

I'd like to call this day the "Freebies Day" coz I finally had the urge to spend the accumulated GCs I got from events--went on a froyo break with Ana, and we also shopped 2k worth of toiletries, magazine, chocolates, socks, inner-wear, and other essentials for our coming trip! :) Seriously, it can also be called "When Will I Stop Eating Day", haha! If I reallyreallyreally want to look good on my beach photos, hahaha, I have to be more serious with my diet. 

I am lucky that I love to exercise (I know some people who aren't into getting all sweaty, hehe), but I just can't say no to good food, akk! ;p

Other Cs:
- Cable-Knit Sweater
- Caftan
 - Camel Coat
- Cape
- Cashmere Sweater
- Clutch
- Cocktail Ring
- Converse
- Cowboy Boots
- Cuff


  1. weee! I love the new LOVE ring and I love your casual style with the harness effect!:) chic! I'm drooling for the veggie over there, btw! and wow you have the new 20!!

  2. Awww thank you so much Ava!!! And yes, nagulat ako nun sinuklian kami ni Ana ng new twenties sa GB cinema hahaha :D Baka kakalat na siya talaga!! :D

  3. Please come back to DLSU! Haha! I love your accessories talaga!

  4. love the fedora hat! meron pa kaya sa SM nyan? hahah :D and yummy food photos <3

  5. gusto ko yung body harness mo!!! :)
    and also great idea -- the bracelet with charms from places you've visited. :) that's definitely going to be a charm and sentimental. :)

  6. Pau!!! I really hope I can come back there too! Invite meee!!! hehehe!!

    Yes Hazel I think meron pa niyan!!! =) I love SM's hats!!!

    Thank you Irene! :) If only each place I go to may charms shop hihi, cute lang <3

    Thank you Aie!!! :)))

  7. Totally in love with your work! Where do you buy wire for your jewelry?


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