The Perfect Girls' Day Out!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Yesterday, I was invited to Robinsons Department Store in Ermita (the mall I am used to call as RP hehe) to check out their ongoing Beauty Fair: TINT!

Check out Kuya Stranger's reflection...hehehe...cooool.

Meet the group: RDS' Ms. Carisse, Queen Bee Honey A., Beb Ava, and a new friend Lace of Style and Relax! :)

After a little chit-chat, Ms. Carisse allowed us to roam around the beauty section of the Robinsons Department Store to check out the promos and big discounts. Parang nakarinig ako ng "Ready, Set, RUN!" ... I actually fist pumped from excitement, HAH! Ask the girls! Sabi ko para akong nasa Disneyland, hahaha! 
I guess hindi lang ako ang excited? :D Hehehe!

Two baskets - too much? :D Not if you're a makeup and beauty products aficionado!

Honey and Ava checking out Maybelline products:

I love the super tipid promo from Vaseline! Tamang tama I'm running out of soap and lotion!

Papicture naman ate! Hehehe! Love her! :D

Meanwhile, I saw Honey checking out the Pond's products:

Hopia! Blogger na blogger a! :D Hahaha!

Ayun humirit pa sa lower racks, hehehe:

Saw Lace having her Maybelline makeover! :)
Nainggit-much ako, hehehe! :D

Honey was eyeing the Hello Kitty mascara from Maybelline:

Oks ba ang reflection? :) Hehehe! :)

Isa pa pala tong sa Ava! Hahaha! She can't move away from this shelf after seeing the matte Orly! 

Back to Honey, who is checking out the BB Cream this time, from Maybelline. 
Ok yan, may 20% off pa yan! :D

Yours truly's thought balloon, uy pwede to kay Cea a... Jok! :D

Mukhang nakakarami na si Ava ng nashoshopping a! :D

Uuuuy kanwari may binibiliiii... Hehehe.
Nag kuripot even with GCs, hehehe.

Eto ang mga tunay na napasplurge! :

Happy with their new beauty products!

After more than an hour of shuffling through Robinsons Department Store's wide selections of beauty items and daily essentials (don't we just take a looot of time when shopping for toiletries and make ups?) Ms. Carisse said the most perfect words: "Who wants Chinese food?"

Thought balloon: ME! ME! ME! Hehehe!

We headed to Super Bowl for a hearty lunch (I love the libreng kropek, hehehe):

Busog sa pagkain, tawanan, at shoppingan! (Ok, ang corny nun, hahaha!)

The l-o-o-t! :D Akkk Hello Kitty Mascaraaaa!!! <3

Malling, shopping, make ups, beauty products, great food, and the best girl friends = A perfect day out! Bond with your girl friends by heading to the Robinsons Department Store Beauty Fair! Running for the whole month of February! =) More info on the Beauty Fair posted HERE. :)

Awesome day which I can summarize in three words: BEAUTY AND MADNESS!!! :D


  1. When I got to the end of the post, the thing that stuck to me was the picture with the Ate na may hawak ng Vaseline. =))

  2. Wahahahahah srsly!!! :D Benta si Ate Vaseline!! :D

  3. The Hello Kitty Mascara is just adorable! I wanna buy one. Ubos na mascara ko. lol

  4. Thank you Alexa! :D I love love Maybelline makeups! :D Maybe it's Maybelline, ba! :D hahaha!

  5. Ishna: super pacute noh! :D hihi! :)) I want to try it na kung ok! :D

  6. Maybelline is <3! Inggit ako sa Hello Kitty mascara. :(

  7. Super the best nga Maybelline noh Nariese, gotta love that brand, affordable pa! :)

  8. Waaahh!! medyo na expose lang naman ang pag ka splurge namin haha=p

  9. waahhh.. why didn't you say you were heading to rob manila?? could've met you all!!! waahhh.. sayang.. :(

  10. Wow, looks like you had so much fun! And you look cute holding those two shopping baskets. ^^

  11. Irene!!! You live near RP?? Sayang! :P

    Cesca: Hahahah thank you! :) Papasok palang kami niyan kaya fresh and excited pa hahaha :DDD


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