F is for Fur

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I know, I know, I kind-of cheated my way just to get past "F". With only have 3 items listed under this letter in Nina Garcia's The One Hundred (namely, Fishnets, Fry Harness Boots, Fur)...I had a hard time thinking of what F item to wear when I went out last Tuesday. I decided that my new SM black furry hat will do the trick. Haha!

Whether you decide to go real or fake is entirely up to you. Just make sure it's fabulous either way. It has to be glamorous and gorgeous--otherwise, it's pointless! (Garcia, The One Hundred)

It was actually a super mixed-emotions day. After rushing and super na-tense sa tagal ng Xend...I went out of our house past 5 pm already to go to this biglaang lakad with my high school friends when we decided to drop by the first day of the wake of Janix's dad. To be there for our friend. It had been years since I last saw Janix, she left the country during our junior year in high school, and studied in the US.

Chickie and I reached the Holy Trinity in Sucat, riding an expensive P60 shuttle from Ayala!, at around 7ish pm. We learned from the brother of Janix that our friend's arrival time is at 11pm pa pala! We waited for Tamems and Chickie's boyfriend Jopo--then the group made a decision not to leave and just wait for Janix. Went to a commercial area and bought toothbrush, etcetera for my biglaang-overnight at Chick's...And then we spent hours in Starbucks talking about things like mga bawal pag wake.

I knew I had an event to attend to the next day, but now after getting past those two occasions, I know that I made the right decisions. Mabuti nang pagod kesa walang ginawa. After over-staying in Starbucks, we drove back to Trinity, and after 10 minutes...We saw Janix get off their car fresh from the longest flight of her life, and hugged her brother. The family huddled and went together inside to their dad...I can't place the moment into words, so I'll just repeat Janix's FB status: 

"Finally with my dad again. It was the worst feeling walking towards him in a box, but he looked very peaceful so Im happy for him. Very glad to have my friends wait and be there for me. So many supersitions and Im not supposed to say "thank you" but you guys know what I mean=) No showering as well ^_~"

As for the photos above, after a nice looong talk with Janix, the group said good bye kahit ang sarap pang mag stay sana with our friend. Nahiya din ako mag take ng pictures dun, so I just had photo ops after everything. Oh, isa sa mga bawal daw after going to a wake is heading straight home. Dapat mag "pagpag" muna by going to another establishment. We wanted sana to eat at Sinangag Express (famous tokwa!), but since wala daw...We opted for Goodah. Open 25hours, yo! Hehehe!

Since I wasn't able to go home, I had to borrow a top from Chicks para may maisuot for the Hush Puppies event with the Krissy and the Younghusbands (tig isa kami ng batang asawa, hahaha), which I'll blog about next! :)

photo from krissy

Oh, and sorry for over-sharing, and again, for being too wordy. I heard lots of people saying "yung iba ang haba ng sinusulat", etcetera...But I actually like those blogs that are wordy, coz I know they made their blogs to tell their stories and not for anything else. Hope you didn't get bored though. :) God bless! :)


  1. not bored. I like to read. i like stories and you tell a good one. My husband is somewhere in Sm right now, ibibili nya daw ako ng hat kasi palagi nalang ako hiram ng sa kanya. I hope istaylish ang mata nya to pick something like yours. katakot when guys shop alone and pick things for us.

  2. Awww thank you thank you Denise!! :) Natouch naman ako! :)) Coming from you this means sooo much to me! And hahaha with istaylish....maraming maganda sa sm! kung pwede lang weekly bumili ng new hat! :D

  3. same with denise. i love reading long posts! mas gusto ko yun actually kesa yung puro photos na wlaang kwento. parang no effort kc. La lng. I do that sometimes but only when I really dont have anything to share. Lol. I love reading your posts beb, it makes us know you more!:)

  4. I totally agree with you! I like blogs din that are wordy, hehe. Kaso di talaga maiiwasan na may readers tayo who don't like to read, haha! Kaya ako tadtad sa pictures yung blog ko para di naman sila ma-bore. Tsaka meron ding bloggers na tamad magtype kaya puro pics naman, hehe. In fairness ganun din ako minsan xD Kaya ang refreshing din ng blog mo kasi you're not maramot in expressing yourself with words and I really appreciate blogs like that. :)

  5. Thank you Pax! I super love kwentos, machika nga tayo in person lalo with people we trust diba hihi :) Thanks for appreciating my posts, sistah! no blogging burnouts ok! :) <3

    Pau thanks so much! Ako din mahilig magtadtag nalang ng pics, cant blame the "visual people"--minsan ganun din ako hehe! :) sana lang hindi laitin ang looong entries as if bawal yun hehehe :) thank you so much for reading Pau! :) <3

  6. I like wordy blogs, too! Kino-close ko agad 'yong window pag puro photos lang. Nag-blog pa, nag-Flickr or DA na lang sana. Okay lang naman maraming photos basta may captions. Hihi. I have nothing against with people who flood their entries with photos, though. :))

  7. Hehehe or even nag Tumblr nalang? Heheheh! :)) Thankyou so much for appreciating my posts, Nadine! :) Im really inspired to blog :))


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