Hush Puppies The Body Shoe: New Store and Brand Ambassador Launch

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Last March 2 (just yesterday! :D) was the launching of Hush Puppies' new store in Newport Mall, Resorts World. Through this event, Krissy and I were able to check out Hush Puppies' newest boutique, learned about the fresh and innovative The Body Shoe line (read more about this here), and had a little meet-and-greet with the brand ambassador Phil Younghusband.

Here are snippets on what happened last Wednesday:

Went with my fellow blogger and long-time online friend Krissy:
I just love her dress, but her gladiators ang pinaka winner!

Also met Ed ! :)

While waiting for the ribbon-cutting, PINO Kitchen Studio served drinks and delish pika-pika to the notable personalities along with friends from the press:

I LOVE these yummy macarons, aka the pretty food:

Cute macarons with The Body Launch logo:

I also love these nori cheese sticks!

Krissy and I were eating and chit-chatting in our little corner (hehehe may sariling mundo), when I decided to sneak to the crowded area to check out how my hubby is doing with his interview (hehehehe) 

I heard LOTS of questions about Angel Locsin. Buti nalang marunong sumagot si Papa Phil. Hahaha.
On Luis Manzano trying to win Angel Locsin again: "That's none of my business. That's between them. I mean, I don't know the history and I don't know the business but hopefully the future is positive."

Krissy suddenly whispered to me: Ang alam ko si Chito Miranda at Angel na. (hehehehe)

The lovely couple (hehehehe)
Bagay naman diba? Harharhar.

People crowded Hush Puppies' brand ambassador for more interviews and photo ops, when I noticed another crowd forming to my left....

Oh, it's my real asawa, James Younghusband! Hahahah! 

I made Krissy choose between the two Azkals, and replied with: "Wala eee..." :D Hahaha ang choosy ng friend ko! But if you ask me, I'll go for the older Younghusband. :P
photo from krissy
Tayo nalang please? Twit mo din ako, hahahaha!

Scene Stealer: The hot Professional Models Association of the Philippines President Phoemela Baranda:

Malayo palang, alam mong celebrity na yung padating! :)

I love her skirt! :)
photo from krissy

Went inside Hush Puppies new store. 
I love the designs--but the biggest plus is knowing that they are comfy! Walkable, ba!
Check out my top 3 Hush Puppies picks here!

Outfit photo:
Hat from SM, Bag from Esprit (gift from Ana), Shoes from Rubi (Cotton On), and I borrowed this Tango top from my friend Chickie (as blogged here).

After the event, Krissy and I went to Makati and strolled around the 4 connected malls (SM-Glorietta-Landmark-Greenbelt)
photo from krissy

Then we had our dinner in Glo's Food Choices (Go Greek again for me, yum!):

Yummy Falafel Gyro Platter. The white sauce pala (my favorite!) is refillable! :D
photo from krissy

The best part of the day is all the chikahan with Krissy. :) I am thankful to have an online friend who saw me through my college days, job interview fiasco, and getting by with my online shop. Krissy witnessed all these by being a long time follower of my blogs (and me to hers! :)).. Thanks for what I love to call the "steady lang" day...
These moments are really what I look forward to everyday. ;) Mwah! :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Super love your post sis!!!! Love you and looking forward for more "steady lang" days! <333

  2. Yes!!! To more steady lang days, Krissy! That's the way I like it, ahhahha :D Thanks sis for the nice bonding day :))) Next time uli!!! :))))) At mamili ka naman, kawawa naman sila HAHAHAHA!

  3. I have to agree! Lutang na lutang ang ganda ni Krissy with her dress and gladiators... So inggit naman ako... Pang Papa Phil ang beauty nyo teh! Ana, pinakyaw mo na ang Younghusbands... hahaha... Hi-5 tayo jan. hehehehe

  4. HAHAHAHAHAAA ewan ko, I just realized I'm not really into athletic, jock-y type of guys. Choosy pa talaga??? Hahahaha! =D

  5. kakainggit naman Ana! Ikaw na Krissy ang walang pinili! =)

  6. Hahahah apir tayo jan Catherine!! :)))

    Hahahahah benta sakin pag choosy pa tayo Krissy hahahaha-- Ako naman maka athletes hahaha :D :P

    Aie hahaha mas nakakainggit siguro kung about "I had a date with James awhile ago" etong blog entry nato ahahhaha :D

  7. Ino-okray na naman ako ng Safari ko. Anyway...Salawang to si Papa Phil. Kala ko akin lang sha. Hehehe.

    I love Hush Puppies. Cute yung ibang designs nila pero more importantly, masarap sila sa paa.

  8. aww fun event :D glad you girls had fun and i like the older young husband nga!;)

  9. cool! you met the hottest brothers in the country (so as they say) hahaha :D and the foods look yummy nga!

  10. Hahahaha uwi daw siya sanio tonight, skysenshi, hahahaha :D I wanted to try hush puppies na!! :))) :D

    Ava same taste tayo! Heheheh! :))

    Yes, the hottest bros nga right now, Hazel! :D And le sigh, sarap kumain ng kumain ng kumain... lapit pa naman na outing namin! :P

  11. ayeee!!! love your picture with phil! he's so hot. my husband makes selos over him! borromeo's really hot too! haha :)

    join my StiLa giveaway!!!

  12. Hahahaha :D Wah, I think a lot of guys are threatened with these boys, hahahah :D Joke lang! Oh and I joined your giveaway na! =))))) Hope I'll win!!!!

  13. real asawa talaga? haha :) i like james too :) soft-spoken and mysterious.. :) si phil masyado ma-chika! :)

  14. Hahahaha sorry naman! :D A girl can dream, wehehehe! Pero truedis with James...Yun nga ang appeal niya! :)))


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