The Last Meet-Up

Monday, March 07, 2011

I can't remember when I had my first meet up EVER for Anagon Collection. But since I have officially declared that I am removing this mode for my online shop, the fondest memories I've accumulated from the 5 years of meeting up buyers all came rushing in to me...Especially last Friday, which I'll call "the epitome of a meet up day". 

A typical meet up day will start with scheduling at least 5 buyers (para hindi sayang ang pamasahe) before the date, and then commute my way just to deliver accessories to them in person. And in between hi and hello...There's the "waiting time"--kung saan gagastos ako for food para may matambayan! ;p 

First stop for last meet up day: Coffee Bean Araneta.
I met Doughna at around 11am, and while waiting for Bianca, I ordered my lunch and coffee, bought the latest Preview magazine, and brought out my notebook just to waste time. Spell gastos?

I was also texting some buyers that time, so it's a good thing that I am also earning while I am on a meet up. 
I was texting Krissy too...and also my sistah Ana, telling her nagkaka "separation anxiety" ata ako knowing that this may be my last meet up day. Kung mapanindigan ko, hehe.

Memories of first meet ups
Still new with online selling, and it wasn't a craze yet at that time, I hold meet ups wherever na convenient for the buyer. As in WALANG RULES. So I went to SM Bicutan, or even far away UP riding a cab..Only to deliver items na worth LESS sa taxi fare ko. Hahaha! I learned to create meet up points and add meet up fees after that.

Most memorable meet up -
One of my memorable meet ups was in ATC I think 2 years ago. It was with the mom of a new showbiz personality (winner of a singing contest). The nice mom bought headbands from me so she can sell them daw to other girls in SOP, or have her daughter wear them. We met I think 2 or 3 times, and her orders didn't go down P5K!

Worst meet up
I can't remember specific meet up that I hate...Except maybe when I forget additional orders, kasi sayang din yung kita, andun narin. Or even CANCELLED meet ups, especially when I am already on the way to the venue. I also remember getting stuck in UST after a meet up...Kasi bumaha na! :P I NEVER even experienced "the great 4 rivers" ng UST while I was studying there!

After my yummy lunch, Bianca arrived fresh from work. We had a little catching up, and I even told her about "the last meet up":
The "separation anxiety" grew when she told me, some girls prefer meet ups just because they want to meet me. =,)

Term of Endearment -
I got used to calling my buyers "Sis", but some girls have already called me "Dear" or "Babe"!

Parang Di Nag Meet Up-
I have buyers na nasanay na akong dapat kakain kami if we schedule a meet up. In short, parang di narin nag meet up kasi isspend din sa food ang kinita, haha! But I don't mind that at all! Meeting up with Kat G. or my college seatmate Niz meant that I have to dine with them, and have a little chit chat with them.

Biggest Meet Up
One big meet up I had was with Jowan, who is also an entrepreneur. I met her I think 3x in the Fort area, and her orders never went down P8k! I also had a meet up with DLSU kids--one big barkada who ordered A LOT, parang nag bazaar ako bigla sa Mc Do in just one meet up that barely lasted 30 minutes!

After Cubao, I went to DLSU (utilizing our trains) to meet two girls in Mc Do (near South Gate)...and then headed to my UST buyer, and waited for her in Beanhoppers:

Favorite Meet Up Tambayan / Meet Up Food Discoveries:
Always on the look out for comfortable places where I can hang out while waiting for my buyers. My favorites are: Burgoo in Gateway (I love their Angel Hair Pasta!), Beanhoppers in UST (photo above - Iced Americano), and Zen Tea in DLSU! :)

Friends I met through meet ups:
There is Anisa, Anna G (my only UPM regular buyer!), Ashley, Megann, Ava!, Ella, Kat G, etc. =)

So yes, I guess that's it! Let's see nalang kung mapapanindigan ko talaga ang no-meet ups hahaha. I pray magkaroon na ako ng stall this year, or consignment in a huge department store (hello SM and Rob! Hahahah..A girl can dream! :)). At the end of my meet up day, I went to Ayala to hang out and talk with fellow bloggers Pax and Melai on our entrepreneurial plans (hehehe):

photo from pax

I was all haggardous versoza already, that I wouldn't want to have my whole body photo taken with the two fashowniztaz...heheheh, but sige na Pax will say carry lang yan teh. Hahaha! =) 

Thank you to my for-meet up buyers, I'll miss you all! :)

PS: Want a floppy hat? I sell them na! CLICK HERE! :)

Add 70s flavor to your summer by donning this big black floppy hat!
Photo from Pax.


  1. Goo thing I was able to meet up with you before you decided not to meet up with buyers anymore. Lol. Tama si Bianca, like ako, I chose to meet up with you because I really wanted to meet you in person. :) But I can just imagine how tiring it was for you. Ilang years of meet up din yun.

    At naalala ko tuloy. You forgot my additional orders. Lol. Pero okay lang yun. Haha.

  2. Wahahahahah!!! Sorry I am starting to be irresponsible and forgetful from all the stuff na i am involved in..tama na nga siguro ang no meet up muna para maayos ko buhay ko hahahaha :D It's great to meet you din Ishna! :))) <3

  3. awww, no meet up! I can imagine how tired you are from all the meet-ups Ms. Ana! But worth it siguro kasi you gained not only customers but friends! ;D


    Try mo sa Reading Room, Cubao Ex. Alam ko they consign din e. Meron din ibang online shops dun, yung iba Multiply pa nga e. Go, go, go!

  5. Channie! :) Tama I need the time din I na consume from meet ups... Pero a nice new store where I can meet everyone will be great din, noh? :) Sana sana :))

    Thank you Claud! I wanna see what I can contribute sa reading room akk! :D And yessss beanhoppers ftw! :D hahaha!

  6. ooooh floppy hat! And aww last meet up??:( Paano ako, beb?? Ako na pala kukuha ng oxygen GC mo :)) Meet kami ni ms. carina this wednesday.

    You got borgy and georgina too, I see!! sizzle ba?? Can't wait to see your entrepreneurial plans with melai and pax!! GOOD LUCK!

  7. Weee thanks beb! Syempre iba yung sayo, hindi naman meet up yun, more of gimmick hehehe :)) Sched tayo isang day hangout lang, with honey. :) Thank youuu!!!

  8. I can't imagine how meetups are for you. Especially since you're coming from the South. I cannot commute for the life of me. I'd rather shelf out the extra bucks to pay for the gas of my car.

    More power to you though. Even though you won't continue your meetups anymore. I hope you cave though, so, I'll still get a chance to meet you. LOLjk!

  9. Ay wow kinilig naman ako sa mention haha! Na-sad naman ako na baka magalit sa akin mga regularly nakikimeet-up sa yo sis x_x More power to your brand, and I can't wait to see the "high-end" accessories you'll come up with! =)

  10. Michelle: If only I have a car na I can take with me, baka mas pipiliin ko pa nga yun than commuting! Ang hirap! :P Thank you so much for the well wishes! ;) Meet tayo sa makebelieve store ko you want? :)) Heheheh!!!

    Krissy ahahahah wag ka matakot, maganda reasoning mo! hehehe! :)) Thank you for confirming what I've been unconsciously feeling for a long time :))) sana makahanap ako ng other mode na pupuno sa pag tanggal ko ng meet up :) hehe! :) See you sooon!!!

  11. Seeing this I wanna cry. After this day, nawala na yung necklace ko. My boyfriend gave me that ring on our 2nd anniv :(

  12. OMG!!! Where and how sya nawala????? =\

  13. we had a petty a quarrel and i did not wear the necklace just to ditch. now it's nowhere to be found. :(


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