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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have you seen our new uploads? :)

From Statement Necklaces....

...And Funky Bracelets!

More new accessories in our FB page! Check them out HERE! :)

Been making lotsandlotsof chains, charmed, and tasseled accessories for the past days, especially since I know I'll be on another vacation (kailangan na magsipag habang sinisipag, at may time!) early April and end of April --when our balikbayan high school kabarkada Abi visits!!! Nakakaexcite!!! But I have to workworkwork now to keep up with all the gastos later: kain sa labas, movie, videoke siguro, inumang walang humpay, beach trips, etcetera! So yeah, this is my way of saying feed the artist! Hahaha! :D Visit my online shop! =)

Excited na ako! Although nahihilo na ako sa super init na giant microwave also-known-as my room...I really love the essence (anodaw? haha) of summer! :) To freedom and having fun!!! :)

Off to two events in a bit, tapos dinner with our other balikbayan Janix! :)) ;) Walang uwian nanaman ito!
See you when I see you! <3


  1. natawa ako sa "feed the artist" tamaaaa! enjoy your upcoming vacations, Ana :)

  2. love the dreamcatcher necklace!!! checking out your store :)

  3. I want something pero next month pa dadating allowance ko. Rawr. Sana nandun parin yun pag dating ng next month. :)

  4. Yay! Pretty stuff as usual, Ana!

  5. Thank you for appreciating guys!!! :))) Help me spread the word!! :) Or, the link! hehehe!!!


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