Happy Birthday Krissyfied!!!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Yummy birthday cake with candle for "make a wish" part...

Colorful balloons...

Writing sweet and even makulit messages in the colorful balloons...

Super yummy "handa"...

And cute, giggly, and sobrang-surprised birthday girl...!

Went to my dearest blogger friend Krissy's surprise birthday dinner organized by her sweet friends, after getting a text message from her officemate Mich. I was supposed to go to Chocolate Clothing event that night, plus the dinner will be in Krissy's favorite place in Trinoma (Bigoli)..which is far from home...But how can I miss this? 

It was a fun night, to think I am not really close to the other people there except the birthday girl. Krissy's college friends and officemates are all actually super funny! Ang riot lang ng bawat hirit! Hehe!
Thank God our server was patient with us, bawat balik niya may funny remark na nabibitawan ang grupo, hehehe! Kulitan lang! :)

Krissy's yummmyyy gelato treat for everyone! :)

Sandwiched by Krissy's officemate friends and college friends. :) <3

I love meeting friends... But what I love most is finding out through the years who is the keeper. It's not only in romantic relationships do we have a difficult time looking for the "right one", but REAL friendships can also be a challenge, and even a major headache. I've known Krissy since college through the wonderful world of blogging and online shops, and after yearsss of keeping in touch online, personally updating each other from time to time during events and even random gimmicks...I know that this girl is worth all the time, love, and friendship. 

Thank you for the pieces of advice, stories, and trust that I get from you.

You know how much I love you, mwah! :) <3


  1. Yummy pasta! :)

  2. hi.. :) just by browsing to your pics made me hungry! ;) youre so cute.. will buy from anagon collection pretty soon.. more power!


  3. i like the hepburn shirt dress [ba yan?]! :) nice..

    and this is sooo sweet.. :) di ba sabi nila:

    "people come for a reason, a season, or, a lifetime. when you know which it is, you'll know what to do." :)

  4. yummy food photos!! :D your such a true and sweet friend to krissy! from south to north ;)

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH SIS! For coming that night, and also for this post :) I'm super thankful talaga na we met :) Konti lang talaga nakaka-gets sa akin, yun tipong I don't need to explain myself that much kasi in a few words ok na, and you are one of them :) Thank you so much for being a grrrreat friend all these years. Kahit cliche na, FRIENDS FOREVER!! Haha love you! <3

  6. I love you bday girl :)) Yes FRIENDS FOREVAH AND EVAH! Haha! Cant wait for downtime and maka bonding uli tayo! :)

    Everyone: thank you so much! :)) <3


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