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Saturday, April 09, 2011



Papaya and Goat's Milk?

Grape Seed?

Rice Bran?

These aren't just edible goodies. They are also some of the ingredients in the natural, lovingly handmade, and organic soaps by CYLEINA.

I love CYLEINA for more than 4 years already. I've known about this local organic soaps brand from way back in college--because owner Leigh Garcia-Hortaleza is also a Thomasian. Still a student then, Leigh started with the business in 2004 by selling her soaps with the help of a network of distributors who did the personal and even online marketing to their friends and family (I also became a CYLEINA reseller before!). CYLEINA even became a hot topic in Candymag's Teentalk! (Oh those days, I remember super active ko pa sa forums, hehehehe.)

In just a few years later, CYLEINA soaps are now distributed in Watsons and SM Department Stores nationwide!
I am so proud of Leigh! :) She deserves all these!
The brand name Cyleina is actually a word play, a combination of Leigh's name together with her siblings' Cyrrus and Ina. Sweet! <3 :)

Aside from these soaps, CYLEINA also offers:

Peruvian Cacao Body Butter
Makes your skin velvety-smooth, and improves its elasticity.

Honey and Sugar Cold Wax
Be summer-ready by going hair-free! This cold wax is vegan, easy to use, and makes skin silky smooth and lighter in tone with continuous usage. Say goodbye to chicken skin!

Miss OC Hand Sanitizer
I just love the product name, ang kulit!

And of course, the famous CYLEINA Black Pearl!
Lightens dark spots, dark underarms, and inner tighs; promising your skin luminous clarity using premium and safe skin enhancing ingredients.

CYLEINA products are made of the finest and most natural ingredients. They use traditional poured and cured process in making their soaps--in small batches and aged in a special curing room for weeks. Good quality is assured, and skin feels amazing after every use. It is easily dissolved kasi walang soap hardeners... Kaya pala the soap creates thick lather which I love when I bathe! Tumatagal ang ligo ko, hehe!

And personally, my favorite is the Cyleina Kojic Soap! :)


Cyleina is part of The Fashionista Commuter's Big Birthday Giveaway!
Visit for more info and updates on their products.


  1. I love cyleina!!! :) yey! Now i can just go to eatsons to buy my soaps!

  2. Is their Kojic soap effective? :) I'd like to try it.

  3. Wah! Ang galing, everybody loves Cyleina! :)))

  4. Hi Channie! :) The kojic effectively removes dead skin cells :) Ok na ok siya for me! :) Siya padin fave ko :)

  5. Is the Black Pearl effective? I've heard of this only today, and I would like to try! :)

  6. "This cold wax is vegan, easy to use, and makes skin silky smooth and lighter in tone with continuous usage."

    But it's not really vegan since it's made of honey.

  7. I want to try! I am using Kojie San now, but I don't know which is more effective!

  8. Organic soaps. I love!!! Pero baka kasi kainin ko yung strawberry soap eh. :(

  9. Love organic products! Checheck ko toh. :)

  10. I love Cyleina, especially Black Pearl! I also like the Tomato, Grape Seed, Kojic variants. Pati un Lavender! Saka yun Peruvian Cacao body butter kasi ang bango nya :)

  11. super effective yung black pearl :) lamig sa katawan

  12. Dont we love CYLEINA! :))) Lots to giveaway SOOOON ! Watch out!!!

  13. hi! I'm new CYLEINA lover here.
    in 1 week I see a good result, nag even na skin ko.

    Sis, saang Watson yan or SM? is it SM MOA? TIA


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