I Just Want To Be In The Beach!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

We only had a few planned activities during our trip to Boracay. Most of the time, we enjoyed ourselves basking in the sun with the best company ever (friends and fruit shakes). Though we did go on...

Sunset Paraw Sailing
We were a big group, so it was a cool chill hours as we sailed across the ocean, with matching drinks and chips pa. :)

I love the feeling of feeling-marunong-mag-drive! Hahaha! :D

I conquered the road...In my swimsuit! Hahaha!

Stop Over 1: (Planet of the) Bats (haha)

Stop Over 2: View of Boracay

Zip Line!
I have to admit, sa simula lang yung tumble sa tummy. But over-all, wala hindi padin nanginig tuhod ko (yabang lang haha)

...Hindi daw o... Hahaha!

Ni hindi nga makababa ng maayos, hehehehe.

Still can't get over... =S

PS: Thanks to my friends BB Chicks, Tamems, and Bodz for the beautiful photos. <3 :)
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  1. Nice photos! I'm in love with Boracay too. :)

  2. Thanks Bianca!!! :) Sigh I wanna go back :P Hehe!!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Seems like a lot of fun! Sarap talaga mg-beach pag summer. :)

  4. My goodness your pics make me miss St. Scho! Say hello to me sa kanilang lahat!! Two Bora trips ey! SAYA!! :))

  5. the zip line looks scary! miss the beach too, haven't had the chance to go back kse super busy :(

  6. awwww... you all look happy!

    i just want to be in the beach too! like all the time. if only there's a nice and clean beach in manile.

    we didn't try the paraw sailing during our last visit. was it fun?


  7. nice photos ana...lalo na ung last :)love ur hat!

  8. fabulous photos!! Fabulous blog!

    Much love!

  9. The 4th to the last photo! Ang gandaa lang! :))

  10. Hey thank you guys! :) <3 Summerrrr I hope it wouldnt end! Haha! :D


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