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Monday, May 16, 2011

I was a bit late for the Oxygen show, but as expected, the show didn't start naman on the dot. I just went home that morning after Bullies beer night, so I tried to sleep and update my online sites, etc...

First saw Pax, who is super sipag working for Depot Fashion magazine, so no time for bonding. =/

My partner that night! Hihi! Aie and I love to go to the bar before a show starts, hehe!

Love our sunrise martini (??) ... And narealize ko, miss ko na kaagad si Aie! Hehehe!


The models strutted to the tune of The Misshapes! Coolness factor levels up!

Since Aie and I can't take good photos from our supposed seats, we stood up at the back, para hindi lang sideview ng models ang pictures namin, hehe. Sucky lang talaga camera ko na, it doesn't take good photos pag red lights, sigh. :P

Alien invasion? Hehe!

Ito pa, isa! Haha!

I really loved this show, sobra ang "kaastigan" (Sorry sa jeje term hahaha). I am in love with the monotone palette (grays, whites, blacks), with lots of unique drapes, quirky cuts, and unlikely details. The clothes are simple but with an element of surprise. Basic na hindi "basic"? Haha! 

Kudos to OXYGEN, a local brand that is making a statement to all Pinoy fashionistas. I even spotted the nice black dress with quirky back detail...The one I was head over heels with when I attended the Oxygen Holiday 2011 Preview!

People I saw after the event:

My dear Krissy!

Ed and Dewi! :)

Of course I had to wear Oxygen! :) Hehe!
Awesome Oversized Stripes Top - OXYGEN
Red Shorts - Landmark
Floral HUGE Bag - Accessorize
Wedges - The Pill
Accessories - Anagon Collection

California Girls ang peg! Hahaha! Yun ang pinakikinggang ko sa music player while I entered SMX, para bongga ang good vibes! ;)

I had to run to my Barx dinner in Greenbelt so I took a cab...Na I realized ANG HIRAP LANG kasi Friday night. Pinatulan ko yun P250 kontrata-taxi dahil matraffic daw. Walang traffic f***!!! 

Kung pwede lang sana arkilahin mga cute cars nato...

Margarita night with Barx @ Chilis (the best talaga botomless nachos nila! :))

But for the Bullies, we settled for the liter beer! Hahaha!

Tiring nights! But I know (after all the emogon-ning) I deserve to have fun. (Still praying for long-lasting peace and joy. :))

Be happy, my loves! :)


  1. hay kamiss! very oxygen naman ninyo! love it!!:D

  2. am glad you're feeling better is always nice to get surrounded by dear friends!

  3. i love your bracelet! and your top! sana pala they served cocktails in linden! hahaha, it it ok if i borrow some photos from the celeteque event? i wasnt able to get the cable for my camera yet. dyahe kay rocelle. hope you don't mind. thanks! :)

  4. Ava: Hehehehe! :D Sinulit ang Oxygen pieces!! :D Miss ko nadin ikaw, cant wait to see you :))

    Thank you Aiz Kim, super :) <3 I really hope mag tuloy tuloy na, because to be honest it's an on and off thing. :P Pray for me! :) <3

    Sarah: Hahaha oo nga masaya yun kung may drinks din sa Linden hehehe :DDD Walang pinipiling oras! :D And thank you! :) Sure go lang grab grab!! :)) Nako nun nawala din cord sa cam phone ko (kasi di ginagamit masyado)...Ang hassle :P

  5. i saw u at the Oxygen event.. we were supposed to approach you kaso d ka na namin nakita, hehe :)(na shy kami nung una eh). i know what you mean sa red wall, red floor, red light ng show.. in short, all my photos sucked too, haha :D

  6. Awww geesh sayang I feel sad when people say that!! :/ Hope to see you soon though Jen! :)) And waah sa sucky photos, di ko naman kaya pa mag slr! ;P hahaha!!!

  7. Sayang di ko kayo nakasama ng matagal dito. See you soon sis ah? =)

  8. oh my, ang cute ng mga kotse!

  9. awesome blog! pure clean fun. wanna meet you soon! followed you xox


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