Slowing Down

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wow, I can't believe the blur-of-events that just passed by right in front of me during the hustle-and-bustle of "lakads" with my friends when Abi (our balikbayan) was still here. I think we had 3 eventful weeks of fast-paced going outs, capping everything with a HUGE Boracay summer getaway with 11 of us in the barkada...It left me so "high" for the past days!

And now after days of savoring the good times and great company, and not letting "real world" sink into me...Just last night I felt that things just hit me --right smacked my head, that I am back again. And, I don't know, how do you cure such a hangover? I suddenly feel so alone and not-so-well again. Hay, personal issues, but i really feel tired. Please pray that I get the right things, if not, please pray that I get the lessons as to why this has to happen.

So awhile ago, I woke up with a text from my blogger sister Melai about our 3pm meeting with one of our sponsors for Bloggers United (Will you be there in our event? Please say yes! :)). I actually didn't know about this, and although "biglaan", I said I'll be there...Just to get out of the house! After the sponsor meeting, I went straight to my friend Marj, who is now a Makati Med intern! :)

Marj met me (in her Greys Anatomy-Scrubs!) and accompanied me to MMC's Floating Island. 
Kape kape muna while waiting for doktora's dismissal. :)

Great to talk with Marj again. <3 :) Namiss kita!

Marj's tuna melt sandwich:

Little Ms. Burned-Out. :P

My grilled cheese sandwich. :)

I was also able to visit Marj's new condo, which is nearer Makati Med. :) 

Ang nakakalulang Med Books. :D

I love Marj's new place, super spacious! :D

Watched random TV shows:

Outfitey pics by Marj's full-length CR mirror while she's having a shower (hehe):

Leopard Dress - Thrifted
Red Doctor's Bag - Cheers101
Accessories - Anagon Collection
Shoes - The Pill

Thank God for blogging in its truest sense, I am able to express myself again in my little space in the www. Bringing out my diary again (private/handwritten) just to raw-pour the soul in something more appropriate. No matter how vague my stories come out, I sincerely thank you guys for coming back here and reading my stories. :) Hope things will work out well. Love you all! :)


  1. mmm it's past midnight, & i'm craving for grilled cheese!! argh! haha

    boat ride through the sky

  2. love your dress ana, and with that belt too! btw, my sister is also a med intern.. and i knooow, nakakalula mga books nila :|

  3. I LOVE THE DRESS! And your bag is something to die for! :) Looove! Following! :)



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