DLSU Centennial Bazaar Day 1-2

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Down, 3 more days to go! Spent around 9 hours since Monday here in De La Salle University in Taft to celebrate their 100 hundred years with them by joining the Centennial Bazaar. Ang saya lang na palagi ako naiinvite dito sa hindi ko pa Alma Mater, haha, sana sa UST din! :) Narealize ko wala ako masyadong kakilala na dun pa :/ Hayay.

Today, I thought of bringing Cea's laptop with me para to kill time during the "dead hours", kaya eto pablog blog hahaha. Medyo matumal pa this morning ang benta compared to the other days, lalo nun Monday na diredirecho ang sales regardless of the time! Anyway, ang cool lang laptoping here in the campus, sa stall ko, with my electric fan (haha), and my PLDT "Internet @ home" modem dahil wala na akong Sun dongle, haha.

Lumalaptop twit pic by Gelo, na andito for DLSU's program tomorrow! :)

 Ang saya kasi wala naman pakeelamanan dito, lovet. Nakakamiss naman ang school and pagiging student. Sabihin pang mag enroll ako ngayon, wala, hindi na mababalik yung carefree and happy days of being young and pag aaral lang ang problema. At siguro, puppy love. Haha!

Anyhooo...ang onti ng photos ko from Day 1 and 2 :P But share ko narin! :)

My first meal: Monday lunch was gulay with tokwa, rice, and I had mashed potatoes sa side. I know, bagay yun side dish noh? Hahaha, sarcastic yun a! Banana Mango Big Chill dahil super init lang at wala pakong dalang electric fan nun, hehe.

La vie Boheme! :D My miniature stall hehehe. Near Zaide, along SJ Walk! :)

Happy that my Dream Catcher Necklaces are a hit here! :) Hirap lang gumawa pa at pag uwi tulog kaagad haha! :P 

Selling some hats i got during our Lucban trip at only P250! :) 

I vowed not to eat fried potatoes for my whole week stay here in La Salle. Nanyayari kasi pag bored ako, sa kain ko dinadaan...Merienda all you want! Haha! So i bought nachos for a change, na loaded naman sa cheeeese hehehe!

Spotted a COOOOL Harry Potter stall here in the Centennial Bazaar!

Which house ka nagbebelong? :) Hehehe!

I wanna fit, but nahiya ako hehe!

I want an "extra shirt"!

There are lots of Nail Art booths here! 

And of course, stalls with DLSU merchandise like shirts, ballers, necklaces, etc! :)

DLSU Swatch Watch

BubbaTea for Tuesday lunch drink!

High-tetch signage! Maglagay kaya ako dito ng billboard, hehe:

Maki is back!!! Haha! Adik ako dito on my last bazaar in DLSU!

Lunch: (tasted like shirmp kaya I just ate the quail eggs :P)

Walang kamatayang makiii!!! 

Biggest size please!

I left my stall under mom's care yesterday morning so I can go to some errands. Dad drove me all over Manila then back to La Salle, I am lucky to have my parents <3

Nadumog na si Mom! Yey good job!
Unlike Monday na nabore ako, mom being there for me yesterday hindi ko kelangan ng internet to keep me entertained. I love my talks with my dad and my mom. I feel that they're the people na will never judge me, leave me hanging, or do and say things that will harm me. I love my parents!

Preview of some of my items here in DLSU...Which btw are all priced at P100 each only!!!
P100 for 100 years! Haha!

I heard tomorrow's gonna be fun kasi open for all, and may program plus fireworks daw! The bazaar will be till 10pm, so I hope if you're from La Salle, or alumni, or you're planning to go here---do visit me! :) Pray na mas ok pa sales ko before the day ends...and the coming days! :) Mwah!


  1. Congrats naman na okay yung business mo dyan :-)

  2. Thank you Michelle! :) Pray for me!!!

  3. Congrats! looks like your stall is always a hit in DLSU :)

    Kaya pala I couldn't find you yesterday. I was wondering were your booth in yuchengco was :)) you're in SJ walk na pala :))

  4. Thank you mimi! i always enjoy dlsu bazaars :)) <3 Haha medyo napalayo nga this time :) But atleast kalikod ko lang cr and canteen and water fountain haha ! :D

  5. Your dreamcatcher necklaces are so pretty! How much are they? :)

    Open ba yung bazaar to outsiders? Cute kasi nung Harry Potter plush toys!

  6. So much food and accessories!! Will definitely drop by your booth tomorrow!! See you!! :)

  7. makiiiiiiiiiii adik din ako dyan! =P

  8. congrats!! oh by the way, im interested with your belts :) and sunnies, Can you like shoot me a textmessage for the wholesale prices? 09264024002

  9. Congrats naman!!! i love your parents talaga! super supportive nila tita! =) close na kame hehe!

  10. Congratulations Ana! :) Like I said before, sobrang swerte mo talaga with your parents. They're so cool! :) Hope you had a great time during the Centennial bazaar. Sana makita pa kita sa ibang bazaars dito sa DLSU. ;)

  11. i had goosebumps reading your blog and looking at the photos :(

    i so miss dlsu, moreso, missing the centennial fever.

    ugh, even more.. knowing non-lasallians are also there and I wasn't! gah im such a loser for being out of the country at this time of season!! :(

  12. Kapag may bazaar ka talaga, I always look forward to your accessories photos and FOODS photos! Haha!

    Parents are the sweetest! :)

  13. I love your top! Where'd you get it? :)

  14. Oh Ana...I'm so sad I missed this, but I am not from DLSU either, boo :(
    Do you have an up and coming bazaar where we can check out your merchandise, they're lovely!


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