Happy List 7.19.2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1) Styled a mannequin (for the first time!) during the Penshoppe SM North blog event/ mini contest:
The Bohemian by Krissy, Ava, and Me! :) 
Help the Flower Children win Penshoppe's styling challenge by voting for our laidback entry by liking THIS then THIS, thank you so much! 

2) Fun shopping and chikahan with my blogger friends during the Penshoppe event! Met new blogger friends too! :)
photo from ava

3) The strrrrip experience at the STRIP with Honey!
 Used the gift cards we got from the Strip: Ministry of Waxing event a few weeks ago in the Avilon Zoo! We also took post-experience/procedure vlog, hahaha! Watch out for it in Hon's blog!!! BENTA! ;D

3) New sandals courtesy of Tomato!

4) New watch with different straps, also from Tomato! :D Love the gold round face!

5) Anagon Collection's Dream Catcher necklace featured in!

6) Anagon Collection featured in the Philippine Online Chronicles: Indie Filipino Fashion Brands Online ...Thanks Ms. Kira!

7) Lovely new items from the Penshoppe event! :)

What I got:

New big bag with brown deets!

Cutie Red Sneaks!

...And the military green knit coverup we used during the challenge!
Don't forget to vote for us, ha? Hehe! :) Proud of our look, you'll even catch me wearing this style!

Will blog more about the PENSHOPPE cool event tomorrow! =) For now, read Penshoppe Shopping in The Fashion Compass!

Thank you Lord for all the blessings! Amen! :)

PS: Aalis na pala sila mom and dad tomorrow for Europe to attend the weddings of my two cousins who are based there (separate dates). First time to be "parents-less" for such a looong time (37 days)...Medyo hindi ako excited, and kabado ako. Will miss them, but I'll pray that they'll have a safe and SUPER FUN trip! :)

PPS: Placed ze blog back in "Fashion-Beauty", I am so fickle minded and still on identity crisis, it's not so funny anymore. Praying for more reasons to post a "Happy List" : )


  1. bonggang red ang sneakers! love it! at at at! type ko talaga yung maxi skirt sa styling challenge niyo, gondo! =)

  2. Yehey buti nagustuhan mo Ghoent! :) Also the red sneakers hehehe :) Pang guys yan, but carry naman ata para sa girls hehe :)


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