STRIP with Honey!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok, that didn't sound wholesome, haha! Yesterday after the Penshoppe event, I went with my blogger friend (who coincidentally uses the name Honey) in the Strip: Ministry of Waxing in Greenbelt 5. We planned to use the Brazilian Waxing gift cards they gave to us from their Avilon Zoo event a few weeks ago.

Sign up muna for the "first timers" *ulk*

Funky! :D Parang underwater lang! Hehe.

Articles on the STRIP from magazines and blogs:

The "stations" are really really impressive. Malinis and hindi intimidating:

Thumbs up to their door with curtain:

After: "I'm ok!" Hahaha!

They gave this "Strip SOS Tips" or the Wax Aftercare card, so you'll what and what not to do:

When we went out the place after one hour (Hahaha guess sino ang hinintay! ;D)...Nagulat ako na ang seryoso ng mukha ni Honey, sabay labas ng camera! Wag daw kami magkwentuhan...instead, i-vlog daw namin ang post-experience! Hahaha! WATCH!

Que Horor opening music palang! Hahaha! Seriously, the experience wasn't that bad! I've read blogs na they heard people SCREAM sa next station, and they knew Brazilian Waxing ang nagaganap. In my case wala namang sigawan at murahang naganap, hahaha! Or it must be the STRIP nga, maybe we really were in good hands. :)

Parang naiyak si Honey sa pic na to! Hahaha! ;D Naiyak sa sobrang tawa! Thank you Jessa, Honey's high school friend, for taking the vid and for the great company! :) Thank you Honey sa nakakatawa at kakaibang experience--ibang bonding to ha! Hahaha! Didn't expect to go through this procedure, but sobrang marerecommend ko siya (hygiene din)...And if you're a "Brazilian Virgin", definitely, go to STRIP nalang for the tolerable pain and guaranteed clean experience.


  1. hey that looks interesting... i think i need that before my wedding... where do i find strip btw? thank u! ^_^

  2. Agree to the nth power with "hygiene din" =) Natatawa ako while reading Ana! =) See you soon love!

  3. Mae: They're in Greenbelt 5 and in Fort :))

    Aie: Hahaha!!! :D Nalurkey kasi ako dito kay honey! :D Tapos biglang vlog! Hahaha!!! See you soon Aie!!!

  4. OhGulay... Brazilian!!! Hanggang bikini wax lang ako.hahaha! Bravo girls!

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