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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Fashion Compass kids went on an unforgettable blog event last weekend, which for me is one of the highlights of my blogging life. Golden ABC invited me and Krissy to experience the Kariton Klasrum first hand. So with little sleep but big drive when it comes to teaching and helping, I went to 6750 in Ayala to catch the shuttle provided by Golden ABC going to Cavite.

Hello breakfast!

The schedule:

The shuttle:

With other bloggers from different fields:

Finally, Cavite!

What is Kariton Klasrum?
Kariton Klasrum is one of the K4 Projects (along with Klinik and Kantin) of the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC). DTC is a group of concerned young people with a mission of making small yet significant difference in other people's lives. One of its founders and head is CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida. Kariton Klasrum, or pushcart education, aims on providing literacy and hygiene program for unschooled children.

The Kariton Building:

Briefing c/o DTC's Jake and Golden ABC's Ms. Pat:

What is Golden ABC?
Golden ABC is the country's fashion pioneer and owner of leading brands Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, Regatta, and Tyler. They are now on its 25th year. Golden ABC has been actively involve in various foundations that further the cause of people development. It has branded its corporate social responsibility platform as "GET UP", and one of the causes they support is Efren Penaflorida's Kariton Klasrum.

The Golden ABC and Kariton Klasrum Collaboration
The partnership of this two groups is actually what the bloggers experienced last Saturday. The company pledged to assist in providing knowledge to underprivileged children in barangay Caridad. GABC and its employee volunteers are helping Penaflorida (or Kuya Ef to the kids) in teaching the underprivileged kids basic reading, writing, arithmetic, hygeine, character building values, and educating them to make a positive difference in their lives.

One of the Karitons:

Setting up:

Prayer before starting with the day's activities:

Some of the activities for the day:

My kids listened attentively to their teacher:
At the beginning of the session, the volunteers were asked to partner with the kids for a dance. I really have this heart for kids who weren't chosen first...Ewan ko ba! Issue ko siguro yun when I was a kid hahaha. So I ran to this particularly quiet and shy girl named Marinella. "O tayo partner ha!" I like to make them feel na they are all loved and wanted. Kung madami lang akong kamay!

Through Marinella , I also met Danica, her cousin. They are children with interesting stories (Krissy blogged about Danica here).  Anyway, I'm proud of my kids! They got 3 tokens that day for being good students! =)
Faith, Marinella, and Danica. :)

Coloring time! I love this activity!

Ang seserious nila mag color, hihihi :) Sana they grow up to be creative individuals. :) <3

And for their last activity: Play and reading time. :) <3

Pack up. :)

Walked back to the KarBil (Kariton Building) ...

...where we learned more on the Golden ABC X DTC project, and relived the CNN Hero of the Year moment of Sir Efren:
Nateary-eyed ako watching the awarding!

Thank you Golden ABC for such a heartwarming experience. I realized that one of the things that I don't have in my life right now (thus the feeling of emptiness) is my own GET UP activity. The Kariton Klasrum experience made me remember why I've been so atat in becoming a teacher: I was once a volunteer teacher for kids in Pandacan every Saturday (this was way back in highschool!). I even graduated high school with Outreach service award. Feel ko nawala lahat nun nabusy sa college and "real world". Now I want to become more involved with this kind of activity and group again. 

I am particularly inspired by Jake, a 15-year-old volunteer of the DTC. The young people are really nakakabilib! I admire their energy, passion, and commitment. I wish to be forever-young in heart and spirit! Kudos to you, Jake!

And it's such an honor to meet a hero: Sir Efren Penaflorida:
Wearing my "hero" Penshoppe t-shirt handed to us that day. :)
Ang cute ng kid na sumama sa pic, hihihi. <3

How YOU can GET UP and HELP! :)
For every Php1000 you spend on any brands under Golden ABC, Php25 will go to DTC / Kariton Klasrum. Kudos to GABC for this project! Shop for a cause na! :)

For more information, do check out the following links:

Thank you Golden ABC, Kariton Klasrum, DTC, and syempre to my partner in crime Krissy for this memorable experience! Much love! :) <3

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  1. Hello. Paano po maging volunteer ng kariton klasrum? I can't find any procedures here on the internet e.O pahingi na lang po ng contact number ng any person on kariton klasrum and their address. Please answer :') thank you very much.


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