More photos during the Philippine Fashion Ball...

Friday, August 19, 2011

First of all, thank you guys for being the sweetest! I love the positive/good comments you all posted about my "crammed outfit" in my last 2 posts on the Philippine Fashion Ball. It was an awesome experience to be part of, considering that my bread and butter for the last 5 years has been fashion-related. Anyway, here are the last set of pictures I'd like to share, again thanks to Frank Ruaya for taking them. Definitely a highlight of my blogging life! :-)

Even though I sported an all-SM ensemble (from the jumpsuit, clutch, and pumps)...I made sure I wore a piece from my own accessories line. Thus the showcasing of this huge Black Onyx Anagon neckpiece...which the sweet Sanya Smith took notice (I love her talaga). Story on the design inspiration of this statement necklace here

I can't get over the lovely looks each of my girls were able to come up with for that grand night. :)

I have to thank Frank for forcing me to have photo ops with the stars. Medyo nahihiya ako magpapicture sa artista, nakakainis yung hiya ko. :P Buti mapilit siya! Hehe!

With Sanya Smith!

The Anne Curtis and her much talked about Rajo Laurel gown!

The fairest and prettiest of em all, Georgina Wilson in her Sassa Jimenez white gown! :)

I reallyreally envy people who can partey! Sobrang mahiyain ko I can't move sa dance floor. :P 

Tanungin niyo kahit closest friends ko, eto eksena ko pag sayawan na, hahaha:

Taga bantay ng bag, kasama ng napagod na sa kasasayaw...Hehehe. Ang awkward ko talaga kainis. :/

Series of pictures with the ladies! :) Partying till 2am! In short: Till napagsarhan na ng tugtog at pinagbuksan na ng ilaw hahaha.

Kala mo uminom haha. :P
Ang KJ ko that night, kainis!!! I would have took advantage of the open bar if I can...But..but...I was sick din. :( At ang sakit ko non required me to take Imodium lang naman, so gets? Haha! :P

I really had a great time watching these people! They are a hilarious bunch: Krissy's friends from college! :) 

Ang saya nila "umindak"! Kainggit! Hehehe! :)

.... 'Syado ako patweetums, kairita. Hahahaha. :P

Still...It was one memorable night. :) <3
Sana next time tipong may ka-date nako, at sasamahan ako maupo lang pag sayawan na, hahaha. :P Or tipong masasayaw ako! O diba, libre lang mangarap! ;D Chos!


  1. Ana, your jumpsuit really suits your body type! And I guess hindi mo lang talaga thing yung partey partey (am I right?) haha. Don't feel so sad about it. :)

  2. I guess this one is part din of self acceptance! :) Hihi! :D Been like this since..forever! ;D

  3. no, not it's not your personality (I think, hehe), everybody loves to dance! you just haven't found your "music" & "moves" yet! or maybe the right dance partner! but one day you will. and when that day comes, it's going to be EPIC! ;D

  4. Aww thank you Ed! Baka pang rock and roll ako hahaha :D Or reggae hahaha ;D That'll be weird to watch eheheh :) Thank you again for the awesome experience! :) <3


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