Love Letter :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Subject: Consider this fan mail! :D

Hi! I am Marnee Gamboa, a UST student and an avid reader of your blog. Simply put, I am fan. The stuff that you make are just awesome. And I am elated to say that we've actually met before at a meet up cuz I bought a ring from your shop. But that was already a year ago I think.

Anyway. I'm writing to you today to point out how awesome I think it is that you stand out as fashion blogger from UST among the number of fashion bloggers from ateneo, la salle, csb, sofa, and the like. I think the blogosphere definitely needs more fashion bloggers such as yourself, one that sashays through the busy streets in clothes that stand out but are still actually wearable on a day to day basis with regards to the fact that most of us can't ever really escape commuting.

I think its cool how you give kids like me hope and inspiration to look our best in a practical manner bereft the expense of being a prospect for rape or holdap. I don't think people should have to choose between looking pretty and being safe. That's just unfair! A girl deserves to do girl things and dress up pretty for it, yeah?

I think you're doing a good job at giving out that message. Good job :)


Chikahan with Krissy and her friend Mich before an event.
Note: naka raincoat at big bag and flats pa ang peg ko niyan, bonggels!

Anudra one! After ng isang ganap, changelaloo ang drumah para di mapagkamalang mayaman sa bus, hehehe.
Check out chinelas and extra-bag: na madaling ifold and keep sa bag during the event. :)


Hi Marnee!!! Super duper thank you for this "love letter"! :) I really make sure I screen-cap and save whenever I get emails like this! :) Salamat for your time in giving me something to be happy about today! :)

I really hope you girls enjoy my fan girling, personal, and wearable-style blog! I enjoy sharing my stories too, without the knowledge na may nagbabasa talaga :) So this letter really made me happy! Parang, wow worth it ang lahat ng dramas ng pag susulat and share ng aking stories! ;)

Regarding wearable style, basta may extra "ecobag" and may baggage counter around sa pupuntahan, keri ang pagbaon muna ng extra shoes and ng fashown skirt! Para flat shoes and shorts lang muna habang nag babyahe, hehehe! ;) Stay safe, and thank you uli for reading my blog and for this letter! :)))


At dahil very thankful ako sa thoughtfulness mo, plus factor pa na Anagon Collection buyer pa kita and proud fellow Thomasian ka pa (hehehe), here's a token for you Marnee:

 A hot pink ecobag!

Na konting tupi-tupi lang...
...Ay nagiging isang cute na cute na strawberry! :) Hehehe!

Email me at on how to claim your prize!
Keep those "love letters" coming, guys! :) Thank you! <3


  1. Aww ang kyot naman!!! "changealoo ang drumah" HAHAHA SOBRANG CUTE MO TALAGA!!!:p

  2. Jenny: Hahahahaha!!! ;D Salamat!! Wit bet ni Jic ang ganito kaya dapat akting sosyal akiz pag kaharap siya Hahahah! ;D

  3. Hi Ana :) I really enjoy reading your blog :)) nakakatuwa yung mga captions! :) ang cute nung strawberry!

  4. Ana maria: thank youuuu... Cute ng strawberry noh! :)

  5. awww this is so sweet! definitely the "awww" post of the day! =) (oops, ngayon ko lang nabasa, kahapon pa pala itech!) cute ni ecobag! =)


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