In betweens

Monday, October 31, 2011

Slowly and silently, my peace is coming back to me. I remember my bad days early and mid of this year, and how these mishaps and low moments made me appreciate peace and love more. They aren't the best of days, but definitely still beautiful.

Anyway, my sister told me her friend said na ang hirap naman ng ginagawa ko daw. Larga here larga there, haha, in heels pa minsan! Pero for me I am just enjoying what is here in front of me right now. Blessings din to, whether I am paid to do these or not. For me, the experiences are worth going back to when I am in a new phase nanaman...Change is constant, anyway. One day marerealize ko na iba nanaman pinagkakaabalahan ko.

Anyway, last Saturday, I went to meetings for the Accessorize event final planning and the PFW show of Penshoppe x Mario Maurer. In the middle of the day, I realized I was too early for the meetings and meet ups so I decided to eat my lunch first in Kitchen Trinoma.

 General's Tofu and their garlic rice! Salap!!!

I love eating alone again. I people-watch while trying to eat slowly, medyo lamon-mode kasi talaga ako kumain, haha. In between bites, I sneaked a look at the end-table of the resto, and saw a group of cute teenage boys and thought, aba mga naka sembreak na siguro. Xavier or GH boys? Haha! There's the group of girls naman to my right, still cladded in their white uniform. Baka naextend ang klase or may duty? Haha, ang chismosa ko talaga.

Later on, learned that my meeting was moved from 11am to 3pm. Dyahe talaga ang malayo ang bahay, pag nakalabas ka na (which is usually earlier than everybody else)...Wala ka nang choice pag cancelled or moved ang meeting time. Hindi na pwede umuwi! So, I decided to not sweat the small stuff and just wasted more time with myself in Seattle's Best Coffee. Then I saw these..
Seattle's Best 2012 Planners! 

My brewed coffee and the SBC sticker card

The SBC barista over the counter asked me if I have the card already for their stickers, and realized Pasko na nga, panahon nanaman ng stickers collecting AND Christmas drinks--YUM! Alam ko maaadik nanaman ako dito, guilty pleasure!

Asked if I can explore their planner in my seat...
I love the texture of the cover. =) 

Bango! Hehe!

I like! It's a notebook and with the monthly calendar thing. More fit for me!

WiFi stubs and stickers

Coupons for free drinks

 18 stickers 

I wonder anong ichura and laman ng Starbucks planner? Anyway, it's my lola's birthday yesterday, but I almost forgot because of all the happenings and whirlwind of events, meetings, PFW shows, etcetera. I hate na hindi ko na kaya makapag blog nightly, and realized wow eto pala ang pagod and backlog. Haha. I miss my lola...I lived with her during my senior year in college, and at least felt for that time how it feels to be a lola's girl. Happy birthday po Nanay! Also, today naman is my mom's birthday. Never really get to enjoy Halloween costume parties dahil required to have dinner with the family. Not that I am complaining. Can't wait for tonight's quiet dinner with them. =)

Have a nice long weekend, loves. =)


  1. haha i have a feeling i am your sister's friend! :P bow ako sayo, gia! soon all your hard work will pay off! :D

  2. Ganda din ng planner nila!:) AKo din curious ako sa starbucks!

  3. I wanna try that general's tofu.. I'm addicted to tofus :)

    Fashion Blogger

  4. Rose: HAHAHA ang galing ng hula! ;)) Sana nga sana nga...mag dilang anghel ka! :)

    Ava: Ano kaya magandang iavail noh! :))

    Kaye: Salaaap! :D Cant wait for our veg foodtrip soon :)))


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