Insects Look

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hahaha wala akong maisip na title! Here ang aking outfitey for ''National Events Day''! Hahaha!

Itchy Insects Top - Thrifted
Black Skirt worn as tube and Black Long Skirt - Mom's
Bag - D&B
Slither - Anagon Collection
Rings and Wire Bangle - Anagon Collection
The comfiest Denim Wedges c/o Shoe Etiquette

I love insect prints...parang very Sea of Shoes lang.
Ang kulit nitong top na I scored in an ukayan :

Wore a twirled silver wire around 'n round my wrist: Bongga na!
Plus the violet slither is a comfortable and unique accessory. :)
I prefer going for the Slithers instead of wearing a belt na para sumikip / cinch yun maluwag kong top.

My fun and funny rings--asa insects theme padin :)

Went to two events last night wearing this really comfy ensemble. Good thing the high wedges from Ms. Denise of Shoe Etiquette ay super comfy--magaan na, and hindi ako nagblisters kahit kasusuot ko lang sa kaniya! :)

 Nabibilib na ako sa kapasidad and resistensya ko, as I've been going out almost everyday na! Aside from the events, Bloggers United 2 is already fast approaching!!! Mukhang very exciting nga ng Ber Months 2011! ;) Ika nga ni Vivian: AJA! FIGHT!


  1. Nicole: Hihihi salamat!!! :)))

    Charlene: Yehey! Benta noh! ;))

  2. Ang cute naman ng print ng top mo Ana! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  3. i love your rings!! i want to meet you in person ms. anna! :)) probably on the Blogger United part 2 event? :)

    hope,you can visit my blog too..feel free to comment.. hihi..

  4. Salamat kaye! Ang kulit noh!:)

    Thanks anne! Just visited and left a comment din :)) hope to c u soon also!!:)

  5. Kulit ng outfitey mo nung day na yun! Di ko na-notice but you were wearing the big insect ring pala! I've been preventing myself from buying that from Anagon Collection. :p Kailangan makapagsave up muna; cost-cutting sa shopping ang fresh grad hahaha!

    More events to come! See you soon neighbor! WALA PALA TAYO PICTURE TOGETHER. :( Or meron tayo??

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
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  6. Awaaaaard for you:


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