The Weird Girl

Friday, October 28, 2011

John Lennon Glasses - Anagon Collection
Polo - my mom's! (Landmark)
Bow Tie - borrowed kay Pax!
SBJ - Human
Belt - my dad's
Watch c/o SM
Bag c/o Lapdance
Chic blue loafers c/o Paisley Clothing

And my ladies:

Cutie Melai Entuna with multi-animal prints

Lovin' the embellished collar of my sister Pax, aka Aisa Ipac :)

The commutes here and there for meetings and events continue...

Minsan feel ko kilala na ako ng mga tric drivers dito sa subdivision. "The weird girl na palaging alanganing oras ang alis ng bahay". Will always pay pa for two chairs para lang umandar na ang tric, minsan kasi feeling ko late na naman ako. Hay, my time management skills!

The Bloggers United team had a meeting again with the Philippines' very own online shopping capital: Multiply! Aside from Bloggers United matters and partnership, we also talked about the BU team being all-Multiply-sellers. There's Pax's Archive Clothing, Melai's F-Stop Shop, and, semple, Anagon Collection (Yey! Haha).

After learning about the new system during their Big Shopping Party, I really wish I have the time na to fix and update my accessories online shop into the new Multiply shopping platform. Also, I learned that online shopping becomes more exciting in the next weeks as they will have free shipping promo. How exciting is that? :)) Perfect for early Christmas shopping!

Anyway, Melai, Pax, and I had more discussions (and life-kwentuhans!) in a nearby kainan after this meeting. Busy days ahead. Have you seen nga pala the vid of what happened during last May's Bloggers United bazaar? Watch, and sana maexcite kayo for the next! ;)

(Masaya din mag Christmas gifts shopping dito, if not, shopping for Pamasko outfits niyo! :D Hehe!)

Bloggers United 2:
December 3, Saturday
Treston International College (Near Market Market)



  1. I love your outfit! I should look for my brother's bowtie :) Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great long weekend!

  2. hello weird girl! I love your kaweirduhan actually.. uy nakapants ka ana.. parang now ko lang nakita na nakapants, and you look good ha.. professional ang peg :) lav it sis

    and buti na yun. tropa mo mga tric driver para safe ka nakakauwi.. :)

  3. Love the look, beb!!!:) yey for the geeky/weird girl look!:D

  4. OMG Ana, I love this outfit on you! Nakakaiba! Love love love!!!

  5. ate mae: ginagawa pa sorry thank you we will send when ready :)

    Suyen: Thank you so much! You too, enjoy your long weekend! :)

    Belle: Thank you gurl! Ready for the meeting lang :) Love you too! :))

    Ava: Thanks beb!!

    Angel: For a change lang! :) Thank youuuu!

  6. will support. at least kilala ka ng tric team sa village nyo :) may edge ka sister. kahit na the weird girl ka pa.

  7. I like your preppy look here! ganda ng shoes! :-)


  8. ana you are so cute as always :) galing you manage to commute kahit nakaoutfit! :)

  9. dont worry you look totally adorable :)

  10. love you outfiteeyyy here.. I wish kaya kong dalhin ang ganyang outfit.

  11. Love love the BU video! awesome!

    Fashion Blogger

  12. Thank you guys!!! :))<3 For a change, ba! ;)


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